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Welcome to Tumblr

·1 min

As much as I, ehem, LoveIt, the theme’s very theme-specific magic felt like trouble waiting to happen. And honestly, I was bored with it, so I went looking for something new.

Will I always be a static website person?

·2 mins

UPDATE June 09, 2022: This post was copied and pasted from the original WordPress post. Meta! :)

I’m typing this post in the WordPress editor. I don’t enjoy writing here unless I’m adding an image gallery or some other fancy embedded content. It just feels off. “So write in MarsEdit or Ulysses or something instead,” you implore.

Blogging with Curio

·1 min
I’ve used Zengobi’s Curio for many years when I needed a visual system for managing projects and associated files.

Domain Consolidation

·2 mins
I’ve been feeling a need to simplify things and I’ve decided that one of those things is my domain names.



Gettin' with Gutenberg

·2 mins
Gutenberg is powerful and useful for enabling those of us who don’t feel like working too hard to create decent-looking, complex, media-rich layouts.

Coping with the Mechanism

·2 mins
Sometimes I get bored with the way I’m running things around here and look to mix things up a bit.