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Following People vs Topics

Colin Walker:

“Part of the problem with people based following models on social networks is that you follow the whole person so see everything they post whether it is relevant to you or not. There is no filtering system.”

I don’t consider this to be a problem. I prefer to follow people rather than topics. People are more interesting. It’s the same for me with musicians or artists or directors. If I like what the person is doing, I want more of it, no matter the topic.

Perhaps it’s time for blogrolls and OPML files to make a comeback too.

Yes, I believe it’s time. I miss blogrolls.

Caption your photos

A page from one of my grandfather's photo albums

Consider this my semi-regular reminder to caption your photos. Even though Google Photos can figure out what is in photos, it can’t (yet) know why or what it means. Take a few minutes and add a caption to at least some of your photos.

And while you’re at it, print a few of them. Your grandkids will thank you.

In case anyone’s keeping track, the Apple Watch has helped me spend approximately zero more time running, walking, etc.

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When sharing interesting interesting links, I don’t always have anything to add other than “This is neat”. A blog post seems like overkill so I’m Going back to Radio3 for those.

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Setting Hugo Version for Netlify

After deploying my blog via Netlify I noticed some pieces were missing. Turns out I needed to tell Netlify which version of Hugo to use during the build.

Adding the following to the netlify.toml file was all it took.

  HUGO_VERSION = "0.23"

Josie. Portra.

Josie (2017). Canon EOS-1v. Portra 400. Self-processed.

I don’t shoot a lot of color film, but I put a roll of Portra through the 1v today and processed it in the JOBO using six-month old C-41 chemicals. Seemed to work well enough.

S3 and friends are handy but I prefer a bunch of folders on my VPS with Apache/nginx and some Let’s Encrypt certs out front.

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