Jack Baty

Jack Baty

Hello there. I’m Jack Baty and this is my personal space.

I’ve been a partner at Fusionary Media since 1995. Fusionary is a terrific digital studio in Grand Rapids, MI.

Outside of helping create digital products at Fusionary, I have a few interests:

  • Photography. I call it “photography” but it’s more like “camera collecting.” Most of my photographs are shot on film, processed and printed in my darkroom.
  • Analog things. Digital is where we are, but I still enjoy using things like film cameras, vinyl records, manual typewriters, notebooks and fancy pens and pencils.
  • Now. I keep a page updated with things I’m tinkering with at the moment at baty.net/now

You can email me at jack@baty.net.

I don’t have a plan.

My weblog and other publishing experiments

  • jack.baty.net is my primary blog
  • 1999.baty.net is for taking notes as I go using Dave Winer’s 1999.io
  • Archives. My original blog’s archives from 2000 until mid-2017


  • photos.baty.net is a collection of my photos and notes about them.
  • My Flickr I’ve been posting photos to Flickr since forever. Flickr is still the best photo sharing service, even though it’s fallen out of favor in recent years.

Social media

  • @jackbaty on Twitter. I read more on Twitter than I post, but feel free to @ or DM me there.
  • mrjackbaty on Instagram. I only reluctantly post photos on Instagram. I don’t like that they only allow posting using their own app. The API is limited and exclusionary. Still, it’s where everyone lives these days.
  • Letterboxd is where I track and rate the movies I watch
  • Jackbaty on Facebook. I’m on Facebook but I don’t go there.