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Monday, May 16, 2022

I'm feeling very analog today. This is the opposite of how I felt yesterday, and likely the opposite of how I'll feel tomorrow.

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You are allowed to use non-Leica lenses on your Leica Camera

All too often someone on a forum or blog will claim that the only reason to even have a Leica is to use Leica’s lenses. Hogwash! While certainly a fine reason, it’s nothing close to the only reason. The idea that one should never use non-Leica lenses on their Leica is nonsense. I have a few very nice Leica M lenses. I love them and they are my favorites. But I also have some non-Leica lenses in both LTM and M mounts.

Roll-058: (OM-2n/TMAX-100)

I ran a roll of TMAX-100 through the Olympus OM-2n. As always, I had the lovely 85mm Zuiko attached. This time, I also strapped on the flash.Olympus OM-2n with flash. (Leica Q2 Monochrom) It was not a successful roll. Maybe three images were salvageable. Why did it have to be shots like this?Making dinner. (Olympus OM-2n. Zuiko 85mm f/2. TMAX-100.) Or this one of Charlie, which was typically mis-focused. I may need to try a new focusing screen.

Domain Consolidation (Continued)

Remember when all I planned to do was to put all of my blogs under one domain and that was it? I’d still have all the same blogs, but they were going to live under a bunch of something.baty.net subdomains. Well, I got carried away. I brought back baty.net as a blog (WordPress) and migrated all of my recent Write.as posts and imported everything from Copingmechanism.com. I am once again living at baty.

Domain Consolidation

I’ve been feeling a need to simplify things and I’ve decided that one of those things is my domain names. My days of hoarding domain names, just in case, are drawing to a close. I don’t want the hassle of managing a bunch of zones and I don’t need the fees. To that end, I’m working toward moving everything to subdomains of baty.net . I’ve already moved my wiki from rudimentarylathe.

Music: Stream or Buy?

Which is right for me, streaming or buying my music? TL;DR: Both Phil’s recent note about streaming vs “owning” caused me to review how I think about it. My attitude about “owning” music continues to evolve. One advantage I may have is that I don’t think of streaming services as music that I “rent” and that can be ripped out from underneath me any time. To me, streaming services are $10/month commercial-free radios that let me play DJ.

Workflow: Capture One and Apple Photos

I’ve gone through many photographic workflows. Each time, I’m certain that I’ve figured out what works best for me. Finally! Then a few months later I switch back or come up with something new. I wish I would stop doing this, but I probably never will. So, I have a new workflow ???? There is a part of me that really wants to let Adobe deal with everything. Wouldn’t it be great if I didn’t have to organize, store, back up, or otherwise manage tens of thousands of image files?

Starting with a clean desk

My home office environment was getting out of hand, clutter-wise. They say that a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind. Maybe so, but I’m more of a tidy desk person. I’ll sometimes notice that I’m easily provoked, frustrated, or otherwise feeling edgy. Then I’ll clean my office and I always feel better. The worst thing for me is to set something on my desk because I don’t yet know where I’m going to put it.

Visual Meditation

I’m not sure I’ll ever be capable of sustaining an ongoing “meditation practice”. The idea of regular meditation is compelling, but after many attempts I’m starting to think it may never stick. This is likely because I’ve not practiced long or consistently enough, but my brain just refuses to stay quiet or focused. Instead, I’ve been making daily drawings. Or, more precisely, “doodles”. I find that mindlessly drawing random or repeating patterns soothes me.

Holding a Leica M camera

I’ve used many wonderful film cameras from many different systems: From Nikon F to Hasselblad V to Linhof, Olympus OM, etc. They are all great in their own ways, but none of them comes close to making me feel the way I feel when picking up a Leica M camera. Sure, every film camera is essentially “a box for holding a lens and some film” but calling a Leica M “just another film camera” is to me like calling Jesus Christ “just another homeless dude”.