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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Some days I want to live entirely within Emacs. Other days I’d be fine doing everything in a browser. These two modes don’t get along.

I signed up for a year of Hey.com again. I can’t explain why. I think maybe I’m exhausted from spending so much energy and time recently getting notmuch configured. It’s been a blast, but sometimes I just want something pretty and easy.

I don’t feel much like writing full-on blog posts. I still feel like typing words and publishing them, but just not in a cohesive, separate-blog-post way. I am much more into stream-of-thought posts like I’m doing here in the journal posts. It makes me think that the structure here is backwards. Maybe I should show full posts of several daily entries with a simple list of links to recent blog posts. Hmmm.

I spent way too long yesterday trying to figure out why :PROPERTIES: drawers in Org-mode were unfolded by default alluvasudden. I’m sure it’s something to do with the org-fold additions in 9.6 but still can’t make it stop.

Latest Blog Posts

A tweak to the photo workflow

2021-06-25 Photography Jack
I’m trying to stick with the Adobe suite for processing, editing, and managing photos. I prefer Capture One’s editing process, but Lightroom Classic has everything else going for it, (ecosystem, tooling, ubiquity, etc.) so that’s where I’ve settled for now. But I’d love to take advantage of Lightroom CC on mobile and my laptop. CC and Classic will sync, but if not handled properly the whole enterprise can quickly turn into a mess. Continue reading

Trying to live on the iPad for a while

2021-06-23 Misc Jack
As an antidote for my usual spiral of sitting at a giant screen full of a dozen windows, staring, clicking, staring, clicking, etc. I thought I’d try living on my iPad for a while. I’m not an iPad person, even though I’ve used one since the day they were released. I just don’t understand how anyone thinks they can be anywhere near as productive on an iPad as on a “real” computer. Continue reading

SOLD: Leica Q2 Monochrom

2021-06-21 Photography Jack
I purchased the Leica Q2 Monochrom (new) from Camera West in February 2021. It’s in like new condition and has fewer than 600 shutter actuations. Price is $5,100 net to me. That’s a savings of $1,000 off the price of a new one. I adore my Leica Q2 Monochrom, so why am I selling it? The Q2M is for sale because I miss the M10-P and can’t have both. I bough the Q because sometimes I just want autofocus, close-focus, macro, and the convenience of an EVF. Continue reading

Comments on the Safari 15 beta

2021-06-19 Misc Jack
Riccardo Mori has a few comments on the beta of Safari 15 showed up. Here’s one: In other words, what a browser needs is horizontal breathing room, instead we have Apple doing things backwards, sacrificing horizontal space to give us what, 28 more vertical pixels? @morrick http://morrick.me/archives/9368 I can’t begin to describe how deeply I dislike the new tab handling in Safari 15.

A visual thinker using text-based tools

2021-06-18 Misc Jack
Yesterday I was asked something about a project I’d worked on two years ago. At that time I’d used Curio to help manage the project. I opened the Curio project and within thirty seconds of just looking at the workspace I had a handle on the project and easily found an answer to the questions I’d been asked. Whenever I revisit something that I’d created in TheBrain or a mind map or Curio or Tinderbox, I find the spatial layout of the information to be instantly useful. Continue reading

Testing the Iceberg editor for WordPress…again

2021-06-17 Misc Jack
Unless I’m doing some crazy non-standard layout, I’m not a fan of using WordPress’ Gutenberg editor. Mostly I just want to type some simple text and add a link or two. Last year I bought a license for Iceberg which is a lightweight Gutenberg replacement that feels more “normal”. I stopped using it because there was a kind of uncanny valley effect, but after several frustrating days wrestling Gutenberg, I’m trying Iceberg again. Continue reading
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