Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

Mutt's halo effect

<p>Using Mutt for email is awesome, but it makes me want to do everything in a terminal</p>

Mutt is "...a small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operating systems". I first used Mutt sometime around 2002 and continued using it on and off for a decade or more. Eventually I moved on to easier ways of handling email.

Recently, for whatever reason, I dusted off my old .muttrc file and pointed it at my ~/Mail directory and it all came rushing back. I've been using Mutt exclusively for email again for the past few weeks and it remains fast, light, and fun to use.

So now that I'm in a terminal for email, I tend to want to stay in a terminal, so I also dusted off my config for Taskwarrior so that I can manage my todos on the command line.

Then came Vimwiki for notes. Although once I started futzing with using terminal apps for notes, I learned about nb which is a "CLI and local web plain text note‑taking, bookmarking, and archiving with linking, tagging, filtering, search, Git versioning & syncing, Pandoc conversion, + more, in a single portable script." Well hell yes, right?!

I need to figure out how to balance my use of command line apps with a modern, comfortable process. Mutt has this Halo effect of making me want to use command line apps in a terminal for everything. I end up stuck typing things like "task add 'take out the trash'" or "task edit 82" and "nb 'My Notes On Mutt'" in a terminal. It's fun and fast and cool, but it's also a little cumbersome and not at all pretty.

I'm sure fatigue will set in at some point, but I'm having a ball in the meantime.