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Publishing portions of my Org-roam database

2022-03-27 Software Jack
I’m trying something new. I’ve become a pretty heavy user of Org-roam for personal notes. I put nearly everything there now; technical notes, contact information, project notes, vendor info, etc. These notes are all nicely linked and backlinked and live in my main ~/org directory so I can easily find things right within Emacs. A portion of these notes might be useful to other people. So I’m exporting the shareable notes from Org-roam as Hugo-compatible Markdown files. Continue reading

Aligning comments in Emacs

2022-03-25 Software Jack
I want my per-line code comments to line up nicely, so I’ll often add a bunch of spaces by hand to make things just so. I realized that, being Emacs, there must be an easier way to handle this. Of course there is. Two minutes of searching revealed a short bit of lisp that does the job nicely: ;; Align comments in marked region ;; Via https://stackoverflow.com/a/20278032 (defun jab/align-comments (beginning end) "Align comments within marked region. Continue reading

Configuring the org-download save directory

2022-03-19 Software Jack
When I drag and drop an image into Emacs, I want the attached file to end up in ./img/YYYY/. This is how I tried configuring org-download in my setup (I use Doom Emacs): (setq org-download-method 'directory org-download-image-dir (concat "img/" (format-time-string "%Y") "/") org-download-image-org-width 600 org-download-heading-lvl 1) For some reason, org-download-method was being reset from 'directory to 'attach after loading, and this broke things. I thought maybe I needed to set the variables after org-download was loaded, so I did this: Continue reading

Posting from Emacs to WordPress using Org2Blog

2022-03-18 Misc Jack
I’ve settled on WordPress for this blog. (“settled” is a fluid word for me, but let’s assume I mean it for now). However, I prefer to do most of my writing in Emacs and Org mode. To help with this, I’ve configured org2blog and I’m writing this post with it. I’m using org2blog pretty much right out of the box. Just a single blog configuration with the following tweaks: <div class="org-src-container"><pre id="nil" class="src src-emacs-lisp"><span style="color: #4078f2;">(</span><span style="color: #e45649;">setq</span> <span style="color: #6a1868;">org2blog/wp-track-posts</span> <span style="color: #a626a4;">(</span><span style="color: #b751b6;">list</span> <span style="color: #50a14f;">"~/org/baty. Continue reading

Feelings about the Leica M10-R

2022-03-17 Photography Jack
I’m feeling twitchy about owning the Leica M10-R. The M10-R is an astonishingly good camera. World-beating build quality, timeless design, and a fantastic 40-megapixel sensor, all in a small, beautiful package. Still available new in 2022 for an eye-watering $8,995 (I bought mine used), the M10-R is also a ridiculously expensive camera. Buying one is a big deal and a significant investment. I am fortunate enough to also own Leica M film cameras, and being able to share lenses between those and the M10-R is very handy. Continue reading

I love this boring photo of a lamp

2022-03-12 Photography Jack
My wife bought an awful, kitschy plastic lamp and set it on one of the floor speakers. I, of course, balked. That was a week ago and somehow the lamp is still there. I hate the lamp, but I don’t mind the light that it throws against the wall, and my wife loves it and thinks “it’s adorable”. Who am I to judge? I took a photo of it. It’s just another boring snapshot by a film photographer looking for excuses to finish the roll. Continue reading

Adding an RSS feed to my wiki

2022-03-10 Meta Jack
TiddlyWiki is a single static HTML file. It does not generate an RSS feed of new entries. It doesn’t generate anything. I treat my wiki at wiki.baty.net more like a blog than a wiki, so not having an RSS feed feels like an omission. Most of the time I consider this to be a feature. I like that I can write any old nonsense and it doesn’t actively go out and bother anyone. Continue reading

Fiber-based silver gelatin prints are a wonderful PITA

2022-03-08 Photography Jack
I hate making fiber-based silver gelatin prints in the darkroom. But I love having them to hold and to hang. Fiber-based papers have this deep, magical sheen, and the surface is smooth yet has a distinct, subtle texture that is missing from resin-coated (RC) papers. Compared to RC papers, fiber-based paper takes twice as long to process. It requires additional washing and optional toning steps. It eats up fixer and takes more trays than I have comfortable room for. Continue reading
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