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Hanging up the Hobonichi

really like the Hobonichi Techo notebook/planners. I've had one sitting on my desk since 2013. The trouble is, I haven't been using it much.

I normally start out the year with a flurry of sketches and planning and logging. Even though that tapers off after a few months, it's always been worth it. This year, though, I've hardly even done that. Most days the page remains blank. The only thing I've actively been using it for this year has been habit tracking.

There are a couple things contributing to the lack of use. First, I'm trying to "Reduce & Simplify". This means that having fewer notebooks is ideal. It's nice not having to decide where to write things. Second, even though the Techo is a great paper planner, I'm less interested in analog planning lately. I've been doing all my paper-based writing/logging in a (Leuchtturm) notebook/journal, but I'm using digital tools and calendars for planning.

If I ever decide to go all-in on paper, or if I'm more often away from my computer, the Techo will be the first thing I pull back off the shelf, but for now, I have no real use for it, so it's retired.