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Will I always be a static website person?

2022-06-09 Meta

UPDATE June 09, 2022: This post was copied and pasted from the original WordPress post. Meta! :)

I’m typing this post in the WordPress editor. I don’t enjoy writing here unless I’m adding an image gallery or some other fancy embedded content. It just feels off. “So write in MarsEdit or Ulysses or something instead,” you implore.

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Domain Consolidation

2022-02-23 Meta Jack
I’ve been feeling a need to simplify things and I’ve decided that one of those things is my domain names. My days of hoarding domain names, just in case, are drawing to a close. I don’t want the hassle of managing a bunch of zones and I don’t need the fees. To that end, I’m working toward moving everything to subdomains of baty.net. I’ve already moved my wiki from rudimentarylathe.wiki to rl. Continue reading

Programming Note: 2021.12.27

2021-12-27 Meta Jack
My dream is to maintain my writing in one place. Unfortunately, I enjoy tinkering with different publishing tools so much that I have never been able to choose a single platform and stick with it. I’m going to try focusing my writing here at copingmechanism.com for a while and see if I can live here. This means baty.blog is on hold for the time being. One thing I wanted here was a theme that wasn’t quite so overwrought as “Hive”. Continue reading

Testing the Iceberg editor for WordPress…again

2021-06-17 Misc Jack
Unless I’m doing some crazy non-standard layout, I’m not a fan of using WordPress’ Gutenberg editor. Mostly I just want to type some simple text and add a link or two. Last year I bought a license for Iceberg which is a lightweight Gutenberg replacement that feels more “normal”. I stopped using it because there was a kind of uncanny valley effect, but after several frustrating days wrestling Gutenberg, I’m trying Iceberg again. Continue reading

My blog's overwrought theme

2021-04-15 Misc Jack
Everything in my life has become overwrought, overthought, overdone, and needs to be unwound. Today, I’m dealing with this blog at copingmechanism.com. A few weeks ago I decided to go back to using WordPress (again), and dammit I’m going to try sticking with it this time. But, I don’t like any WordPress themes. There are thousands of them, and I can never find one that works for me. Oh, I find a lot of them that make me say, “Ooh, cool! Continue reading

Gettin' with Gutenberg

2020-10-31 Misc Jack
Gutenberg is powerful and useful for enabling those of us who don’t feel like working too hard to create decent-looking, complex, media-rich layouts. But, most of my posts are just an image with a paragraph or three of text. I don’t need a fancy, complex, block-based editor for creating those. So what to do? There are some great options for creating posts right on my Mac and publishing to WordPress. Continue reading

Coping with the Mechanism

2020-10-23 Misc Jack
Sometimes I get bored with the way I’m running things around here and look to mix things up a bit. It’s happened again. This time, it meant bringing back the Coping Mechanism blog. You’re soaking in it. I have my stuff at a few different domains: copingmechanism.com. This brand new blog. Running WordPress Ghost WordPress. baty.net. My blog since 2000. Generated by Hugo. I’ll probably move the thousands of posts to archive. Continue reading