Jack Baty

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One from the beach

2022-07-30 Photography
I took the little Stylus Epic to the beach yesterday. Nothing much came of it, but here’s a self-portrait from the day. Not sure what that flare is toward the bottom of the frame. The good news is that the Epic didn’t make its usual grinding noises while rewinding. I was worried about the camera, but it seems fine now. Self-portrait Olympus Stylus Epic | Kodak TMAX 100 Digitized with Lumix S5 Continue reading

Roll-048: (Leica MP/HP5 Plus)

2021-12-30 Photography Jack
I’m trying to see how the Summilux 35mm ASPH feels on the film M. Running around indoors with a moving dog and poor light is either a terrible test or a perfect test. Anyway, here’s Alice. Alice with her toys Alice Alice and “Gordo” Alice and Gordo Alice watching for something to bark at Alice in bed

Old film challenge: Use it.

2021-08-21 Photography Jack
I was surprised to find that I had 55 rolls of various 35mm and 23 rolls of 120 negative film stocks just wasting away in my fridge. I mean, look at this treasure trove! Rolls of 35mm film from my fridge I’ve standardized on Ilford HP5 Plus for black and white film and Kodak Portra 400 for color. This doesn’t mean I won’t try something different occasionally, but those are my go-to films. Continue reading

From Roll 2021-025 (Nikon F3, TMAX 100)

2021-08-20 Photography Jack
I’m trying to use up the rolls of expired TMAX 100 that have been taking up room in my fridge for a few years. I pulled the Nikon F3 out of a drawer, loaded batteries in the motor drive, and shot a roll. As usual, it was mostly photos of Alice and I around the house. The film was processed in HC-110 (Dilution B) for six minutes and scanned on the V750. Continue reading
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