Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

Ordered a Kobo Libra 2

I have a first and second-generation Kindle Oasis, a Kobo Forma, and I prefer reading paper books, so of course I've ordered a Kobo Libra 2.

But why? It started when I plugged the Forma into my Mac and clicked the "Send to Device" button on an ePub book in Calibre. I have a lot of ePub books and Kobos handle them well. It also reminded me that Kobo hooks directly into my library via Libby, so I can rent books right from the device. That's handy. The Forma has an 8" screen, which I find too big (don't ask) and the Libra 2 has a 7" screen. I'm not strongly anti-Amazon, but I don't mind avoiding them when I can.

If those reasons aren't enough, I'll share with you what pushed me over the edge: USB-C. I dislike Micro-usb so much that I pad $180 so I'm not forced to use it.

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