Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

Deleted 21 apps

I uninstalled 21 apps off my Mac this morning. This happened because I had launched NotePlan, Obsidian, The Archive, and Logseq within an hour of each other. They're all great. I launch each one because "oh, this feature is great" or "I love this behavior" or "it looks nice and is so easy". I enjoy each of them, but using *all of them** means I end up with chaos and confusion. I remembered my 2024 goal to Reduce & Simplify so I got rid of the following:

WezTerm.app, Mini vMac.app, Retrobatch.app, Photomator.app, Ivory.app, The Archive.app, Mullvad VPN.app, Prompt.app, Obsidian.app, FSNotes.app, Dropover.app, MarsEdit.app, BusyCal.app, NotePlan.app, Spark Mail.app, Due.app, Bear.app, Arq.app, Mimestream.app, iA Writer.app, CC Troubleshooter.app

It's a start.

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