Mailing a letter

I pull the chair up to my desk and prepare to write another letter. She likes to receive letters and I like to send them. I choose an appropriate stationery and just the right pen; this time a nice Pelikan fountain pen with dark green ink. I write, slowly and deliberately. I want to say […]

Technology Failures this Weekend

People wonder why I like old, simple, manual, mostly analog devices and tools. This weekend served as a pretty good reminder of why I sometimes hate technology. Bluetooth Headphones I have a rather expensive pair of Bluetooth earbuds so I can listen to audio books while I ride my bike. I bought them so I […]

Inside The World’s Biggest Vinyl Record Factory


Today, GZ Media is the world’s biggest vinyl record producer. It has more than 1,400 employees who in 2013 pressed more than 10.5 million records. In fact, in February this year they managed to press an incredible 42,000 vinyl records in a single day. via Inside The World’s Biggest Vinyl Record Factory.

How Fountain Pens are Made

Discriminating writers still consider the fountain pen the ultimate writing instrument. Fountain pens are fun to use and, for some of us, to collect. I’m left-handed, which makes using a fountain pen challenging. It’s worth it. Here’s how quality fountain pens are made.  

Olympia SM9


I saw an Olympia SM9 on Craigslist and couldn’t resist. It’s not especially pretty, but it seems to work really well. Rather than writing about it using a computer, I thought I should put the typewriter to use.

Writing Stuff on Index Cards

When I type something on my computer it can be easily filed forever into a giant hierarchy of files and notes. When I write something on an index card it gets in my way until I deal with it. That sounds like a disadvantage of index cards and it is — but only if you […]

Using Paper

I don’t use paper because I’m “nostalgic” for it. I use paper because I prefer it. I use paper for as many things as I can. Notes, lists, tasks, everything that makes sense. I even tried a paper and folder based project management system for a while. I loved the idea, but it turned out […]

You’ll need a nice pen

My last post about this year’s “paper system” neglected to mention which pen(s) I use. Most people don’t care about pens, but I do. Assorted writing instruments and notebooks For me, the right pen to use depends upon what and where I’m writing. There are three “modes” in which I write things down. Each requires […]

Paper system for 2014

Even though my productivity system has inched toward digital tools, my love of paper notebooks for capture and planning has not waned. I have a thing for notebooks and pens. This year, I’m going to continue using a Hobonichi paper planner along with a trusty Field Notes notebook in my back pocket. The Hobonichi has just […]