Judicious Use of Shitty Code – Jared Sinclair

Jared Sinclair

If your goal is only to learn, then write clean code. But if your goal is to build a successful business, then stop trying to impress your heroes. Learn as you go. Be messy. Don’t use new technologies. Don’t use new languages for their own sake. Don’t waste time trying to think of the most elegant way to break an egg. Just smash it on the counter and leave a FIXME: comment and move on. The only question that matters: is this app fun or what?

This is the correct order in most cases: Useful or fun first, elegantly written next.


Another Org Mode Blogging Option – org-page

Even though I’ve been posting to baty.net via Org2Blog I’m still interested in other blogging options available from within Org Mode. There’s a long list of options here. I started with Org-page for no particular reason other than it looked fairly simple. I’m new to the whole Emacs and Org Mode world so starting simple is better.

Here are some quick notes on what I’ve learned so far.

In my .spacemacs config…

(setq op/repository-directory "~/Sites/notes")   ;; the repository location
(setq op/site-domain "http://notes.baty.net/")    
(setq op/site-main-title "Notes by Jack Baty")
(Setq op/site-sub-title "Notes on work and play")
(setq op/personal-disqus-shortname "jackbaty")

I created a new repo using…

M-x op/new-repository

This creates and configures a new Git repository. There are two branches.

  • source: This is where the source content lives, all in .org files
  • master: This is where the rendered HTML files are maintained.

The trick is to write and commit on “source” first, then publish using…

M-x op/do-publication

Running do-publication will prompt for a number of options. The answers I use are…

  • Publish all files? n (then accept the following prompt for a git commit, e.g. HEAD^1)
  • Publish to directory? n (this causes the rendered files to be rendered to the master branch)
  • Auto commit? y (commits the rendered HTML files to the Git master branch)
  • Auto push to remote? y (may just as well)

Now I have a static site rendered to HTML files in my Git repo. The final step is to publish them to my web server. I do this using rsync. Here’s the script.


echo -e "\033[0;32mDeploying updates to notes.baty.net...\033[0m"
cd ~/Sites/notes

# make sure we're on master since that's where the HTML files live
git co master

rsync -v -rz --checksum --delete --no-perms /Users/jbaty/Sites/notes/ host:/server/path/to/notes

# Switch back to source so we can keep on blogging
git co source

For now, the results can be seen at http://notes.baty.net/

Another Org Mode Blogging Option – org-page

Posting to WordPress via Org2Blog

Today I discovered Org2Blog, which is “a tool to publish directly from Emacs’ org-mode to WordPress blogs”. I’ve been learning Org Mode for the past few weeks so this seemed useful.

If all goes well, this will be my first post using Org2Blog. My plan is to use a single file and write each post as a subtree. It happens something like this…

M-x org2blog/wp-login
M-x org2blog/wp-post-subtree

That’s it! I’ll eventually need to figure out how to put my password in .authinfo rather than typing it each time, but so far this is pretty simple.

Posting to WordPress via Org2Blog

Meet Apple Music + Subtraction.com

Meet Apple Music + Subtraction.com:

The playlists include a whole bunch of stuff I can’t stand, along with a smattering of albums from acts that I’m okay with but not particularly passionate about

That’s odd, because I’ve found the “For You” section to be almost eerily accurate. I can pretty much close my eyes, click anywhere, and hear a song I like.

I too am curious how much Apple Music uses my thousands of iTunes Match songs and purchase history to guide the recommendations. I almost hope they forget most of it or I’ll be hearing Counting Crows or other bands I used to like but now, well, dislike.

Also the “bubbles” were fun and playful and worked like a charm.

Meet Apple Music + Subtraction.com

Don’t Touch That Dial — Medium

Dave Pell

Apple’s Beats 1 radio station will be the most popular part of its music service. And it will spawn additional stations. And we’ll realize that while it sometimes pays to follow the technology, it can be just as fulfilling to follow the beaten path. And along that path, if you happen to see a few other heads moving to the same beat, all the better. Rock on.

I think this is exactly right. Everyone seems to want to share everything so why not the shared experience of listening to the same thing at the same time as thousands of other people?

Don’t Touch That Dial — Medium

I mostly sit in front of a beautiful 27″ Retina monitor. I’d rather not do anything on my phone.


Tried using Emacs/Gnus for email. Hooked up BBDB and everything. Not gonna happen. Mutt still wins by a mile for me.

Retired the Extended Keyboard II for now

I’m a little sad that I had to stop using the wonderful Extended Keyboard II due to my recent foray into Emacs and Org Mode. The Caps Lock key on Apple’s keyboard physically locks when pressed so it’s not possible to remap the Caps Lock to Control key. Well, it’s possible, but useless.

S’okay, I pulled the Das Keyboard out of the closet and that’s a pretty great keyboard also.

Retired the Extended Keyboard II for now