The Bullet Journal Kickstarter

I’ve been keeping notes and todos in one notebook or another for years. I prefer it that way, but it can be difficult to find things later and sometimes I can’t decide what goes in the notebook and what goes elsewhere and why. Ryder Carroll recently solved those issues for me by created a wonderful and slightly more structured system called The Bullet Journal. It’s simple and flexible but contains enough process to make it the first paper-based “system” I’ve ever stuck with for any length of time.
He’s now started a Kickstarter project so I backed it immediately.

This Kickstarter campaign will fund development of the next version of a stronger, smarter, more intuitive platform that will make it easy for users to find and contribute new methods to make the Bullet Journal system even more useful and effective. The new site will serve as a free library for the ever-growing catalog of productivity methods. The revamped site will also feature fresh tutorials, videos, reviews, resources, and so much more!

Including a Leuchtturm1917 notebook makes it worth the price of admission. I like them much better than the typical Moleskine.
Here’s hoping it gets funded!

The Apple Store Experience

At some point over the past couple of years I began to dread going to the Apple Store. That’s a shame, since for a long time I couldn’t wait to go there. I’d go just to browse around (and usually end up buying something). It was smooth, clean, relatively quiet, and a completely pleasent experience.

Now, it’s sort of a clusterfuck. They pass me from one associate to another. I stand in one line waiting to stand in another. Today someone basically just pointed me at a computer to “easily take care of that online” then left me to wait for about 20 minutes. I could’ve done that from my comfy chair at home. I probably should have.


I dread going to family reunions, yet every time I attend one I’m glad I did. I have a pretty cool extended family. Everyone is funny and nice and we all get along famously. I’m not sure why I don’t look forward to going, but I sure enjoy looking back on having gone.

Now Playing: Alice Cooper – From the Inside (1978)

2014-09-14 09.17.59

I normally love concept albums, and onne in which Alice Cooper sings about life in an asylum sounds like a great idea. It ends up being interesting, if mediocre. I love the line “I just can’t get these damn wrists to bleed” but then there’s Nurse Rozetta:

Nurse Rozetta I won’t let her
Catch me peering down her sweater
Fantasizing silk suspenders on her thighs
Nurse Rozetta make me better
Secretly my eyes undress her
Let me feel your tongue depressor

I was 14 when “From the Inside” was released and it would’ve been pretty cool then I suppose.