Fake on Yahoo buying Flickr 2005

Oct 7, 2015   #flickr  #yahoo  | 77 words

Caterina Fake on Yahoo buying Flickr (2005):

Flickr will be continuing on the path it’s on — to Flickr 1.0 and beyond. We’ll be working with a bunch of people that Totally Get Flickr and want to preserve the community and the flavor of what is here. We’re going to grow and change, but we’re in it for the long haul, with the same management and same team.

I suppose they got the “long haul” part right.

Listening to Records with Marilyn

Oct 3, 2015   #vinyl  | 11 words

Marilyn 2

Marilyn 2

Marilyn 3

I could just sit and listen to records all day. You?

Blue Apron

Oct 3, 2015   #food  | 99 words

Blue Apron Box

I’ve been cooking Blue Apron meals for while now and I love it. If you’re like me, you enjoy cooking, but hate the planning and shopping parts. Blue Apron solves both problems by sending me the ingredients for 3 meals (for two) every week. Each box contains all of the ingredients, clearly labeled, in the exact quantities required.

The meals are usually interesting, colorful, and delicious. The recipes are written and presented well enough that even I can follow them without too much trouble. My cooking skills are improving and I’m eating much healthier food. Recommended.

Siri vs the Sony Microcassette Recorder

Sep 29, 2015   #analog  | 273 words

Sony BM-575 Microcasette Dictator

I’ve carried an old-school microcassette recorder in my car for years. There is no better way to quickly record a note to myself while driving. The little Sony BM-575 is perfect for the task. I just grab it, slide the button, talk, and release the button when finished. I can do it without taking my eyes off the road. It’s simple and quick, and the batteries last forever. Once a week I rewind the tape to 000 on the counter, transcribe whatever notes are relevant from the recordings, and reset the counter.

I should be able to use Siri on my phone or Watch for this, but it’s never worked as well as my little recorder. The process when using the iPhone looks like this:

  1. Press and hold the home button and wait for Siri to activate
  2. Say “Take a note” and wait for Siri to say “Ok, what would you like the note to say” or whatever. (I would prefer saying “Take a voice memo” but Siri then just launches the Voice Memo app, which requires me to push yet another button to begin recording. Too much hassle.
  3. Speak what I want the note to say and wait for Siri to create the note and say “Got it.”
  4. Press the home button to go back to whatever the phone was doing

Dictating using the iPhone while driving is awkward and fidgety compared to using the recorder. Maybe the iPhone 6S will improve things. It would be nice to retire the little Sony, but only if using the iPhone is an improvement. So far that hasn’t been the case.

Splicing Film

Sep 26, 2015   #analog  #film  | 20 words

Griswold Film Splicer

I’m not supposed to splice film using Scotch tape but it’s all I have and it works.

My Ideal Workstation

Sep 21, 2015   #analog  #workflow  | 201 words

My ideal workstation

I sometimes imagine living in a world where I sit alone at a big old wooden desk and do my work using only a telephone, address book, adding machine, paper calendar, notebook, and a nice pen. That would be my ideal workstation.

In this distraction-free world of simple tools, I lean back in my leather chair and think for a while before typing a letter that will reach its recipient in a day or two. Maybe three. In the meantime I schedule things, make a few phone calls, jot things down, and push pins into the giant wall map.

As crazy as it sounds, I believe I could be more productive in this fictive environment, but I fear I’ll never have the opportunity to prove it. Digital tools keep getting in my way.

The convenience of digital is very compelling. I find myself drifting toward digital tools more than I like. The Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Sonos, and the rest of them all work together and drag me kicking and screaming away from my beloved notebooks and folders and pens.

I’ll keep fighting for the analog lifestyle that I prefer, and hopefully find a balance that works.

Book: Mr. Mercedes

Sep 8, 2015   #book  | 36 words

Without even a whiff of the supernatural or horror I usually look for in the best Stephen King novels, Mr. Mercedes was a decent straight-up mystery/thriller. I prefer his scary books.

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Hobonichi Cousin 2016

Sep 6, 2015   #analog  #paper  #notebook  | 175 words

For the past three years I’ve used the highly-regarded Hobonichi Techo planner. It’s a great little planner, but perhaps too little.

My notebook binder of choice in recent months has been a Roterfaden and it’s quickly become a favorite. It’s the perfect (A5) size, built wonderfully, and the clip mechanism is clever and useful. In it I’ve kept an Apica Premium C.D. notebook and the combination is great. I’d been carrying my little Techo separately, which worked but wasn’t ideal.

Then I discovered the “Cousin” version of the Hobonichi. The Cousin is A5 and just as awesome as the littler Techo. The only problem is that it doesn’t come in an edition that’s been translated to English. I decided to try one anyway. I bought the Spring 2015 version and love it.

Roterfaden and Hobonichi Techo A5 Cousin

Everything is in Japanese but that’s fine since I’ve learned to recognize the symbols for each day. Not a problem. The Cousin fits perfectly in the Roterfaden. I love the combination and have ordered the 2016 Cousin.

My Computer Had A Bug

Sep 6, 2015   #hardware  | 10 words

A bug in the system

Sorry about that, little fella!

Script for renaming photos

Aug 30, 2015   #photography  #scripting  | 161 words

Wall with Painted Stones (2015)

I manage my image files manually and like them named in a particular way. Each image is named using its capture date and description. I write a description for every photo I keep so I can easily see and find things using just my Mac’s Finder.

The above image is captioned “Wall with painted stones” and was taken on August 29th, 2015 so its filename should be “20150829_Wall with painted stones.jpg”. I use Photo Mechanic to ingest, name, tag, and file my photos but it will not allow renames to use the Description IPTC field. I was told that was because it’s too easy to create files with invalid characters. On the other hand, Lightroom handles this fine, but I’m trying to wean myself from Lightroom so I had to come up with something else.

I used the wonderful exiftool to create the following one-liner and it works perfectly…

exiftool '-FileName<${CreateDate}_$Description.jpg' -d %Y%m%d%%-c -ext jpg .