Everything is here now

I’m perfectly aware that the following may only be true for like 18 hours, but…

I’m only posting here on using WordPress. No daily site, no wiki. Everything I write is going here. I dislike using WordPress, but it has everything I need. And I don’t honestly spend that much time actually writing. It’s fine.

My daily journal posts are excluded from the home page, but are included in the RSS feed or directly via (that will redirect to /topics/journal/ for now). I would like to include today’s journal post on the home page, but I don’t know enough about WordPress to make that happen yet.

I was so sick of thinking about Tinderbox vs Hugo vs Eleventy vs TiddlyWiki for my daily notes this morning that I routed around all of them and landed here. Let’s see if it sticks.

Here we go again

I woke up this morning and didn’t like the look of my Eleventy blog and didn’t know how to fix it, so I brought back the WordPress version, which I do like the looks of, but don’t like using. It’s a trade-off, for sure. I like comments and stats and search and plug-ins and the infinite tooling available in WordPress. I’ll never figure this out and just stick with something. You should probably ignore me. (And also unsubscribe from my RSS feed since I seem to keep flooding it with non-updates every few weeks. Sorry again about that)

It’s a blog about nothing…

I just wanted to say that I love having a blog. I love having a place to write where I don’t have to be precise, polished, or even complete. I don’t have to stay in my lane. I can write about whatever I’m thinking about, in whatever way I choose. It doesn’t matter what that is.

I hope people are able to find a little value in it, but it’s OK if they don’t.

The return of my Pipe Guy avatar

I’m sick of looking at my own stupid face everywhere, so I’m bringing back my old avatar, “Pipe Guy”.

Here he is:

“Pipe Guy”

I wrote about where this came from a few years ago in The origin of my avatar, but the short version it came from this old found photo from the early 1900s:

That photography makes me happy, and I’m reminded of it whenever I see the avatar.


The quote from Robert Greene that I posted yesterday has thrown me a little:

[People] are far too present and familiar, their every move displayed on social media. That might make you relatable, but it also makes you seem just like everyone else.

Robert Greene

I don’t know how I feel about the idea that posting so much about myself makes me seem the same as everyone else. I always figured it showed how I was different. The very last thing I want to do is be just like everyone else.

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Will I always be a static website person?


I’m typing this post in the WordPress editor. I don’t enjoy writing here unless I’m adding an image gallery or some other fancy embedded content. It just feels off. “So write in MarsEdit or Ulysses or something instead,” you implore. Nah. I’ve tried that and decided that if I’m going to write in one place and publish somewhere else, I may as well just write in Emacs and publish a static website.

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Accidentally posting everywhere again

Somehow my attempt at blog consolidation has drifted out of focus and I’m once again posting willy-nilly all over the place. For example, just today I’ve posted on, my wiki, Roam, Drummer, Mastodon, Twitter, and finally, here at I recently paused my subscription and Tumblr gives me a headache, or I’d probably have written there, too.

I don’t know what to do about this, or if something even needs doing. I’m just making a note of it. I still dream of having One True Websiteâ„¢ but we all know that will probably remain nothing more than a dream.

Reset to Defaults

A week ago I did that thing where I blow up my system because I noticed I’d been doing that other thing where I spend all my time tweaking everything.

I’m calling it an experiment, and I’m naming it “Reset to Defaults”.

The idea is to revert to stock macOS apps where feasible, or simple and established apps otherwise, and avoid tools that lend themselves to constant tweaking. This hurts because tweaking is what I spend much of my time doing. I enjoy it! But, it’s a distraction and I should do less of it. To this end, I’ve restructured task management, blogging, journaling, note-taking, photo editing, file management, etc.

Yesterday I wrote that I no longer wanted to talk about my process. Yet, here I am talking about my process. I’m doing it because this is what helps me sort things out and remember how they were sorted. So, what the hell, let’s make it a blog post.

Here’s what I’m trying.

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WordPress for a while

Anyone following along with me here should be used to changes. I never leave this site alone for more than a couple months. Turnover has been unusually high recently, though. I’ve gone Hugo->WordPress->Hugo->Ghost->Hugo in the space of two months. And as of today, May 19, 2022, we’re back in WordPress. Again.

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