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Roll-058: (OM-2n/TMAX-100)

2022-02-24 Photography Jack
I ran a roll of TMAX-100 through the Olympus OM-2n. As always, I had the lovely 85mm Zuiko attached. This time, I also strapped on the flash. Olympus OM-2n with flash. (Leica Q2 Monochrom) It was not a successful roll. Maybe three images were salvageable. Why did it have to be shots like this? Making dinner. (Olympus OM-2n. Zuiko 85mm f/2. TMAX-100.) Or this one of Charlie, which was typically mis-focused. Continue reading

Roll-051: (Nikon F-100/Fuji Superia)

2022-01-13 Photography Jack
I discovered, while rummaging through a drawer, that my Nikon F-100 was loaded with film; Fujifilm Superia, a color film. I’ve pretty much sworn off color, but what the hell, I threw a little Godox flash on the F-100 and burned through the rest of the roll. I still had some C-41 chemistry mixed, but it was well past its prime. As is often the case with color film, it was a bust. Continue reading

Studio self-portraits

2022-01-11 Photography Jack
I finished a roll in the MP today by taking a bunch of self-portraits in my basement “studio”. The shots in which you can see both my hands were triggered by stepping on the release bulb. Clever! 🙂 I really like the look of these. They were shot in my basement with a new canvas backdrop. I used two Profoto strobes. One with a softbox (octogon) to camera left, and a second with a reflector at camera right pointing at the backdrop. Continue reading

Roll-048: (Leica MP/HP5 Plus)

2021-12-30 Photography Jack
I’m trying to see how the Summilux 35mm ASPH feels on the film M. Running around indoors with a moving dog and poor light is either a terrible test or a perfect test. Anyway, here’s Alice. Alice with her toys Alice Alice and “Gordo” Alice and Gordo Alice watching for something to bark at Alice in bed

From Roll 043: (Leica M6/Portra 400)

2021-11-25 Photography Jack
I finally finished the roll that’s been idling in the M6 for a couple of months. I took it out of the camera only to discover it was a roll of Portra 400. Color, dammit. I didn’t have any fresh chemicals. The only reason I have some C-41 mixed is that I’ve been too lazy to dispose of it. Screw it, I thought, and fired up the JOBO anyway. Surprisingly, they didn’t end up blank or completely unusable. Continue reading
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