WordPress for a while

Anyone following along with me here should be used to changes. I never leave this site alone for more than a couple months. Turnover has been unusually high recently, though. I’ve gone Hugo->WordPress->Hugo->Ghost->Hugo in the space of two months. And as of today, May 19, 2022, we’re back in WordPress. Again.

There’s no honest justification for moving back to WordPress other than “I wanted to.” Over the past couple of weeks I have been running an experiment I’m calling Reset to Defaults. Basically, I’m trying to stop the ever-expanding complexity of my “system” by reverting to default apps and processes. I’m avoiding tools that lend themselves to endless tweaking.

How does WordPress fit into this? I’m not sure it does. My rationalization is that WordPress is easy, free (I already have a server), and does everything I need right out of the box. 1 click. But mostly it’s because the “default” way for me to blog is to hit a “Create Post” button…type some stuff…and hit “Publish”. WordPress lets me do that. I need not worry about deployment scripts or format conversions or image resizing or local dependencies or any of that. Click…type…click. It’s not cool, but it’s good at what it does.

Blogging with Curio

I’ve used Zengobi Curio for many years when I needed a visual system for managing projects and associated files. In a recent version, Curio gained a Journal feature. It’s fairly rudimentary compared to dedicated journal apps, but I recently started testing it as a way to create a sort of scrapbook each day. It works pretty well for that. I export a PDF of the day’s entry, print it, and put it in a binder.

While farting around with Curio exports, I tried exporting a few entries as HTML and was surprised how much fidelity is maintained when exporting. For giggles, I uploaded a few days’ exports to a web server. I had a crazy idea that this could be a daily blog. Here is my test site.

It’s neat, right? I slap images, notes, cards, mindmaps, lists, anything on the day’s entry, and it ends up as a web page.

While a fun experiment, I don’t think it makes sense long-term, since the resulting web pages are a mess on mobile, offer no accessibility, and managing navigation, etc. is a pain. Still, it’s a neat trick and I may throw pages out there every once in a while, just for fun.