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Who should I let manage my photos?

·3 mins
I have for many years kept my photos properly named and in a dated folder hierarchy on my hard drive: /2020/12-December 2020/2020-12-02-Alice.

The Leica SL2-S = InstaBuy!

·2 mins
When I bought a used Leica SL(601) recently instead of the newer SL2 , it was mostly because I didn’t want to spend $6,000 on a camera that I wasn’t sure I’d love.

All-in with Flickr (again)

·1 min
I joined Flickr in 2004 and have been posting photos there, on and off, ever since.

Not film

·1 min
To make this simple self-portrait, I didn’t spend an hour setting up the Wista, loading sheets of film, processing with half-expired C-41 chemistry, crossing my fingers, drying, scanning, spotting, inverting, storing, and on and on.

Manual Schmanual

·2 mins
I’ve prided myself on my ability to shoot a Leica M3 or Hasselblad 500C/M with no meter, no auto-focus, and no auto-exposure.

Gettin' with Gutenberg

·2 mins
Gutenberg is powerful and useful for enabling those of us who don’t feel like working too hard to create decent-looking, complex, media-rich layouts.

Coping with the Mechanism

·2 mins
Sometimes I get bored with the way I’m running things around here and look to mix things up a bit.