Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services


I try to take photographs every day. My favorite subjects are the people and things close to me. They are the parts of my life that I wish to keep record of.

I shoot mostly on black and white film using a Leica M rangefinder camera. I have always been most comfortable using a rangefinder and the film Leicas are timeless, incredibly well-built, and as beautiful to the touch as they are to look at.

I process film myself and then make silver gelatin prints in my darkroom. My feeling is that a photograph isn't "real" until it's been printed. I also scan each roll using a flatbed (Epson V850) scanner. I've tried various methods of scanning with digital cameras but don't like the process or results.

Most of my images can be found on Flickr. I've recently also started sharing them on Glass.

For those who are curious about gear, I keep a list on my Uses page.