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Friday, August 19, 2022

I don’t know why, exactly, but I fired up a Ghost blog at rudimentarylathe.org. I’d planned to revivie my old Substack newsletter, so I migrated that content over to the new blog. Now, I’m not so sure I have the energy or discipline to maintain a newsletter, so the site could become a blog for when I’m not in the mood to use the static site generator on this site. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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From workbench to writing desk

2021-11-29 Life Jack
I put together a workbench in my basement office that was supposed to house all of the cool “maker” projects I was planning. You know, little electronic builds, equipment repair, that sort of thing. I’ve come to realize that these projects are infrequent and the workbench space is mostly wasted. I’ve found myself occasionally standing at the bench to write in my notebook or read a magazine, just as a chance to stand up for a while. Continue reading

A Broader Scope

2021-11-28 Meta Jack
Copingmechanism.com has alternated between being a general purpose blog and being a photography-only blog. It’s been mostly photography for months now, but I’m thinking of expanding the scope to include, well, everything I want to write about. If I were a real photographer, it might make sense to have a blog dedicated to “My Work” but I’m just a putterer. I’m guessing that very few people who visit this blog do so because it’s only about my photographs, and so they shouldn’t mind if I write about other things here as well. Continue reading

From Roll 043: (Leica M6/Portra 400)

2021-11-25 Photography Jack
I finally finished the roll that’s been idling in the M6 for a couple of months. I took it out of the camera only to discover it was a roll of Portra 400. Color, dammit. I didn’t have any fresh chemicals. The only reason I have some C-41 mixed is that I’ve been too lazy to dispose of it. Screw it, I thought, and fired up the JOBO anyway. Surprisingly, they didn’t end up blank or completely unusable. Continue reading

From Roll 042 (Leica MP/HP5)

2021-11-21 Photography Jack
A roll of mostly self-portraits taken in the basement “studio”. A black cloth backdrop, Profoto strobe with an octobox on left, and a led panel off to the right. Washing negatives. Leica MP. HP5 Plus. Self-portrait with weird lighting. Leica MP. HP5 Plus. Darkroom bathtub after printing. Leica MP. HP5 Plus. Self-portrait. Leica MP. HP5 Plus. Camera identification selfie. Leica MP. HP5 Plus.

From Roll 041 (Leica M4/Delta 3200)

2021-11-15 Photography Jack
Let’s face it, film is meant for well-lit subjects. Every time I bring a film camera to somewhere like a restaurant or a friend’s house, I regret it. There’s just never enough light for candid snaps. I had an old roll of Delta 3200 in the fridge, so I thought I’d see if that helped. It didn’t. I like grain, but not this much grain. Good grief. Flowers. Leica M4. Summilux-M 50mm ASPH. Continue reading

A reason to post?

2021-11-15 Misc Jack
I keep this blog around so that I have somewhere to post images and maybe a little background as well as the ever-popular gearhead nonsense. So why do I so rarely post anything? I don’t post often because a blog dedicated to photography makes me feel that each post needs gravitas. Each post needs to be worth something. Relevance. Well that’s obviously not working, so I’d like to behave a bit more frivolous about things around here. Continue reading

From Roll-040 (Leica MP)

2021-11-12 Photography Jack
A few from the most recent roll from of the Leica MP. It’s HP5 Plus, processed in HC-110 (dilution B) for 5 minutes. Scanned on the PrimeFilm XAs. This roll is concerning because many of the frames have horizontal scratches, which could indicate a problem with the film pressure plate. There’s also boatloads of hair and dust. My process needs refining. Chuck the bulldog My Polaroid SX-70 kit Quotes on index cards Skeleton Trash, just finishing the roll Camera Identification Selfie

Leica lenses, my how you've grown

2021-10-12 Photography Jack
Leica M lenses are tiny little jewels with unmatched build and image quality. Leica SL lenses are giant monsters with unmatched build and even better image quality. And auto-focus. I prefer the small ones.

From Roll(s) 2021-35/36

2021-09-27 Photography Jack
I’ve got nothing. Two rolls shot at the MSU tailgate. One with the MP and HP5 and one with the Olympus OM-1n with expired XP2. Lots of missed focus. Lots of too-far-away. Lots of dust. It’s dampening my enthusiasm for film, but here are a few anyway. Golden looking out back of party bus. (Leica MP. Summicron-M 35mm ASPH) Jeff. (Leica MP. Summicron-M 35mm ASPH) Shelley enjoying the tailgate. (Olympus OM-1n. Continue reading
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