Tinderbox 9.5

Eastgate has released a nice update to Tinderbox. Version 9.5 has some nifty features:

Automatically add a Prototype or Place when adding notes. Naming a note something like “John Smith#Person” will create the note titled John Smith and automatically apply the “Person” prototype. I use a lot of prototypes so this is handy

Geographic Adornments. “If any adornment has an Address, Tinderbox will figure out the corresponding latitude and longitude and display a map of the region.”

Preview and Export: Sensible default templates and prototypes have been added and are configured automatically. Tinderbox’s export features are deep and powerful, but can be tricky to grasp. This helps get things rolling.

View and edit multiple notes. This is great! Select a bunch of notes and then read and edit them together as one document, but they remain separate notes also.

Another useful update to one of my all-time favorite apps.

My camera situation at the end of 2022

Everything changes all the time.

2022 has been another year of wildly rearranging my approach to photography. I’ve gone all-in Leica and back. I’ve been all-in with film, and back. And so on. I do this because I’m more of a camera nerd than an artist.

Let’s start with the film cameras. First, I sold the big Linhof Master Technika. It was a beautiful kit, but I almost never used it. I still have an old Crown Graphic for when I get the urge to shoot 4×5.

I still have three Leica M film cameras: M3, M6, and MP. I tried and failed at selling the M6. Here they are on my workbench:

Leicas: M3, MP, and M6

The M6 is for sale again. I will hate myself for selling it, but it’s dumb to have something so nice (and valuable) just sitting on a shelf most of the time.

I was also able to revive the Ricoh GR1, which I’m very happy about.

Ricoh GR1, back from the dead.

So, what about digital, then? That’s still being tweaked, but right now I’m going with the new X-T5 and a few favorite lenses.

Testing the X-T5

I ordered the X-T5 with the 16-80 “kit” lens. I don’t like zooms, and I don’t love f4 lenses, but it’s a nice all-arounder in a pinch and a cheap way to get it. I have the 23 f2, 35 f1.4, and 56 1.2 on the way.

I’ve stopped scanning film with a digital camera, so I shouldn’t miss the Lumix S5 and Macro, which I’ve traded for the Fuji lenses. I can change my mind pretty inexpensively with the Fuji 60mm macro any time.

I have come very close to buying another Leica M10-R, but I’m going to see how it feels to use the Fuji for digital.

Where does that leave us? To sum up:

Every Day(ish) Carry:

  • Leica MP
  • Ricoh GR1
  • Fujifilm X-T5

Change-of-Pace Carry:

  • Leica M3
  • Hasselblad 500C/M
  • Crown Graphic 4×5
  • Assorted 35mm (OM-1n, Leica IIIf, etc)

The return of my Pipe Guy avatar

I’m sick of looking at my own stupid face everywhere, so I’m bringing back my old avatar, “Pipe Guy”.

Here he is:

“Pipe Guy”

I wrote about where this came from a few years ago in The origin of my avatar, but the short version it came from this old found photo from the early 1900s:

That photography makes me happy, and I’m reminded of it whenever I see the avatar.

What’s good about the Arc browser

“Command – Shift – C”

This is so silly. It’s a keyboard command to copy the URL. Why do I need that? I can tell you that I’ve used it one billion times now, so apparently, I do need this. If you’re worried about the URL bar being tucked away, I have a hunch that what you actually miss is an easy place to copy and paste the URL, and once you know if you have a keyboard command for it (plus clickable icon), you don’t miss it anymore. If you really do miss the full-width URL bar, you can activate “Developer Mode” and it comes back.

But there is a bonus!

It automatically removes cruft from URLs!

Chris Coyier, What’s Good About the Arc Browser

I’ve been a hardcore Safari die-hard since the beginning. Over the past several months, I’ve become a die-hard Arc lover.

MarsEdit 5.0

I can`t even tell you how long I’ve loved MarsEdit for posting to WordPress blogs. It’s been a while since I’ve used it as I’ve mostly been off WordPress. Now that we’re back on WordPress, the announcement of MarsEdit 5.0 is welcome.

I’m most curious to try the new syntax highlighting for Markdown as well as the microblogging features. And the new icon is nice, too.

You’re soaking in it.

We’re back on WordPress

I need a break from using an SSG for this site. I don’t feel like fighting with go templates. I don’t feel like troubleshooting Hugo modules when they break. When I want to edit a post, I want to just click “Edit” and not have to go find the original Org-mode entry, then re-export to Markdown, then build and deploy the whole site every time. I’m in the mood to Click “Edit”->Type->Click “Publish”. I want to just drag a bunch of images into a post and have a nice gallery built for me. I want comments, stats, easy upgrades, and endless plugins for the picking.

WordPress, for all its many faults, satisfies all of the above.


I just learned about Neofetch:

Neofetch displays information about your operating system, software and hardware in an aesthetic and visually pleasing way.

Here’s my MacBook Pro…

Posting from iA Writer

This post, in iA Writer

Sometimes I feel like changing things up a little. I get bored writing the same way using the same app for everything. Today, for example, I’m typing this in iA Writer. Writer is a very nice, simple, lovely app for writing Markdown that can post directly to WordPress and is a nice change of pace.

Beyond the Infinite

I collect a lot of “stuff” on my computer. I’m one of those lazy people who just drop most of it onto my Desktop and assume I’ll figure out what to do with it later. The problem is, I rarely actually figure out what to do with most of it.

Late last year I created a folder on my Mac’s desktop named “Beyond the Infinite” 1. Anything that ends up on my desktop that isn’t important enough to file away but is something that I’d still like to keep, “just in case,” gets tossed into Beyond the Infinite.

It’s become a minor treasure. It’s like a journal of things that barely matter at the time, but become valuable later. Screenshots, text snippets, URLs, etc. I love it.