September 21, 2022

Tagging deleted messages in Notmuch

I use Notmuch in Emacs for managing my email. It’s fast, powerful, and (once used to it) easy to use.

There are a few oddities I’ve learned to work around. The first is with deleting messages. The manual for Notmuch states:

notmuch does not support, nor ever will, the deleting of messages

I’m ok with this, since Notmuch provides a way to essentially bury deleted messages using tags. I don’t necessarily need to actually delete the message file. Any message tagged with +deleted is hidden from searches unless explicitly included. Ignored tags are set in ~/.notmuch-config like so:


This works fine, but the problem is that my new messages are also automatically tagged with +unread and +inbox, so in order to properly flag a message as deleted, I want those two tags removed as well. There seems to be no built-in way to do this. I found this odd, since there is notmuch-archive-tags, which lets me configure which tags are added or removed when archiving a message. Here’s my config for that:

(setq notmuch-archive-tags '("-inbox" "-unread" "+archived"))

There is no such configuration for deletion, so I made my own. To do this, I borrowed some code from Spacemacs and integrated into my Doom Emacs config.

(setq notmuch-message-deleted-tags '("+deleted" "-inbox" "-unread"))

(defun jab/notmuch-search-message-delete (go-next)
  "Delete message and select GO-NEXT message."
  (notmuch-search-tag notmuch-message-deleted-tags)
  (if (eq 'up go-next)

(defun jab/notmuch-search-message-delete-down ()
  "Delete a message and select the next message."
  (jab/notmuch-search-message-delete 'down))

;; My own delete key
(map! :map notmuch-search-mode-map
        :n "D" #'jab/notmuch-search-message-delete-down)

Now, pressing D” in any notmuch search buffer deletes the selected message and moves to the next one. This all seems like it should be built in, but if it is I couldn’t find it. If anyone knows a better way to handle this, please let me know.

Emacs Email
September 20, 2022

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

How I spent my morning: How I spent my morningHow I spent my morning

Someone suggested, Publish your thoughts, not your notes.” Also something about leaving it up to someone else to publish your notes after you’re dead. Which they’ll do, but only if your thoughts are worth it. This seems like good advice.

September 19, 2022

Monday, September 19, 2022

I put a roll of HP5 in the IIIf today. It’s been a while. 1946 Leica IIIf (converted from IIIc)1946 Leica IIIf (converted from IIIc)

If I’m not taking notes about the thing that I’m reading or watching, it’s only entertainment.

The draw of paper for me is twofold. First, it’s wonderfully, frustratingly immutable. Second, I firmly believe that writing by hand helps with recall.

How is it that I’m just now discovering Henry Wessel? Awesome work:

September 18, 2022

Sunday, September 18, 2022

☁️ Overcast +73°F

An embarrassment of richesAn embarrassment of riches

I’m down to only two.

I sold the M6 yesterday. I already regret it. On the other hand, I used the camera for five years and sold it for twice what I paid for it. Sure, Leicas are expensive, but I like to think of them as cash, in camera form :). Besides, I still have two great Leica M film bodies: The M3 and the MP. I can’t wait to see what Leica releases in October, though. Maybe I’ll be able to buy a brand new M6.

I often think of audio/video content creators” lazy because they don’t have to type words, but I never create audio/video because it’s too hard. There’s a conflict there :).

We tend to forget that no one before, say, 30 years ago, chose to use analog tools. That’s all there was. Luhmann used paper index cards!” Cartier-Bresson used a film camera!” Hemmingway used a manual typewriter!”

I see a lot of Second Brain” people making statements that end in something like, …because that’s how the brain works.” but I never see any evidence that they actually know anything about how the brain works.

Speaking of second brains, I find that I capture a ton of information in my notes, but I don’t seem to actually ever learn anything from any of it. I am now actively searching for a way to improve this. When I become overwhelmed by my digital notes, I bring out the paper.

I hate the word ideation”.

I spend way too much time with other people’s thoughts in my head. There’s a point at which other people’s thoughts push my own thoughts out of the stack and I end up only parroting what other people think.

In the future, cursive will have to be taught to scholars the way Elizabethan secretary hand or paleography is today.

Gen Z Never Learned To Read Cursive

That’s a little depressing. I write in cursive all day. On the plus side, it seems I don’t need to worry about encrypting my journals.

September 18, 2022

A (very) short review of the Sigma 35mm L-mount lens

Sigma 35mm f/2 DG DN Contemporary Lens for Leica LSigma 35mm f/2 DG DN Contemporary Lens for Leica L

I bought a Panasonic Lumix S5 primarily for scanning film negatives, but since it also happens to be a fine digital camera, I bought a some lenses to go with it. One of those is the Sigma 35mm f/2 DG DN Contemporary. I kind of love it.

It’s a very good lens. It’s no Leica APO Summicron 35mm, but it’s in the ballpark. I find that it does a great job. It renders sharp, clean, and with decent bokeh. It seems well-built. I have no problems with how it looks or feels.

It has an aperture ring. All lenses should have aperture rings.

It cost nearly 10 times less than the APO Summicron.

That’s it! One day, I’ll probably have the Summicron again, but for now this little Sigma makes me happy because it’s so good and was very inexpensive compared to the Leica.

Here are a few snaps I’ve taken with the lens.

Hot DogsHot Dogs StellaStella AliceAlice Photography
September 16, 2022

Friday, September 16, 2022

Leica M3 rewind knobLeica M3 rewind knob

I think of synths as computers that have their priorities straight: Hit a key and a noise comes out

What Modern Humans Can Learn From Ancient Software –Paul Ford

I don’t understand the fascination with food/cooking shows.

It’s going on 3 weeks since I last published my weekly newsletter. I suspected this would happen.

Dammit, I’ve listed the Leica M6 for sale: Leica M6 Classic for saleLeica M6 Classic for sale

Don’t miss out on David Foster Wallace’s piece on Roger Federer: Roger Federer as Religious Experience

September 15, 2022

Thursday, September 15, 2022

I still love Arc but its lack of support for bookmarklets is cramping my style. I may need to fall back on some Keyboard Maestro macros in the meantime.

We often fret over losing our stuff” if it’s kept in the hands of some impersonal, privacy-invasive, cloud service. And yet, the only things I ever seem to lose are the things I’ve been personally responsible for.

Thinking about using Flickr embeds here rather than dealing with managing image files, links, etc. e.g. here’s one of my dad playing mini-golf on the Quest. Dad playing mini-golf on the QuestDad playing mini-golf on the Quest

Embedded Flickr photos let me avoid the extra friction of managing files locally. They link to larger versions of photos and give access to longer captions, metadata, etc. But what if Flickr goes away!?” you ask. Flickr hasn’t lost an image of mine in nearly 20 years. I’ll deal with that problem in the unlikely event that Flickr shuts down. I’m not worried.

I think I’m good with just these two film cameras: A 1960 Leica M3 and a 2021 Leica MP. 1960 and 20211960 and 2021

Sweet, someone made a standalone GUI app for Stable Diffusion on silicon Macs Diffusion Bee

Gruber, on last week’s Apple event:

There’s certainly more drama with a live presentation — with this format, entirely pre-recorded, we’ll never see an Apple feature demo fail again. That drama energizes a live presentation. Something has been lost.

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

I’ll tell you what’s been lost, my anxiety. I can’t handle live presentations. I worry the entire time that someone will screw up and I’ll feel terrible for everyone involved. I feel terrible for them in advance. This new format is much more relaxing for me and I hope they keep it forever.

I feel bad for all the Figma users today.

The Internet is now comprised of mostly cries for attention.

September 14, 2022

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Leica MPLeica MP

Above is another reason I couldn’t sell the Leica MP. It’s just beginning to brass”…by my own hand. Now it’s personal!

I’m experimenting with using Olivetti mode in Doom rather than Doom’s default Writeroom mode. Writeroom mode is a bit too aggressive. Olivetti just sets a readable line width by adding borders to the window. That’s good enough.

I’ve moved my book list to It used to be in a Github repo using Github Pages to render a website” but that’s overkill for my simple markdown list of books. Of course Blot makes it easier because it does the Markdown rendering for me, automatically.

September 13, 2022

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

With much help from David (Blot’s creator), I have now imported nearly all of the posts from the Hugo version of I skipped some short posts and a handful of journal entries, but I feel like the important stuff is here now.

I withdrew the Leica MP listing. I just couldn’t go through with the sale of what might be the most beautiful camera ever made. I bought it brand new and I know that I would never allow myself to do that again.

This is handy: Emacs as an Org capture server

Also trying this for natural language searching of my Org files: Khoj

We’re having internet installed at our (empty) office building so us three remaining owners can work there. Why not, it’s just sitting there waiting for someone to lease it.

September 12, 2022

Monday, September 12, 2022

The critic whose downvote dropped Marcel the Shell With Shoes Ons Rotten Tomatoes score to 99% must be a heartless, contrarian asshole.

In less than a year, most blog posts are going to be littered with cool-but-unnecessary AI-generated images instead of stock or Unsplash photos as they do today. Oh goody.

Two rules in life: First, never sell a Leica. Second, never switch blogging platforms. (PS I never obey those rules and have come to regret it)