Micro Posts

This page contains short (“microblog”) posts. They will also show up on micro.blog/jack and are cross-posted to Twitter.

Instead of tweaking my comprehensive mute list for Twitter I should probably just close the tab.

In my experience even an un-watched pot never boils.

You have to be careful when processing film in a kitchen. Don’t want food getting into the chemicals!

Hello Weather: “How many weather apps have you tried?!”

Me: “36”

HW: “Including mine!?”

Me: “Umm 37”

– (something like) Clerks, 1994

Don’t you hate when you discover some great music and there’s not a 30-year back catalog to catch up on? @gretavanfleet better get to work!

Today I followed Twitter link to a podcast about social media. Then I listened to a podcast about social media. Lemme out of this vortex.

I’ve decided that I don’t like mixing “micro” and regular posts on my blog’s index page, so I’ve separated them.

I just FTP’ed into a server and live-edited the HTML of a production website and I AM NOT ASHAMED

Finally getting around to playing Monument Valley 2. What a delightful game!

I’ve noticed that people who’ve convinced themselves they can “use an iPad for EVERYTHING” are just so proud of it. Good for them I guess.

I would like the equivalent of 750words.com but within Emacs/Orgmode. Maybe just a datetree with word count as a property?

In case anyone’s keeping track, the Apple Watch has helped me spend approximately zero more time running, walking, etc.

When sharing interesting interesting links, I don’t always have anything to add other than “This is neat”. A blog post seems like overkill so I’m Going back to Radio3 for those.

I know I said I only want a VPS and Apache but @netlify is just so darn easy and clever that it’s worth the extra layer of abstraction. Also, I can update files in the repo from my iPad and have them published via Hugo automatically.

S3 and friends are handy but I prefer a bunch of folders on my VPS with Apache/nginx and some Let’s Encrypt certs out front.

I wonder what my social media stream would look like if I followed more people actually doing stuff rather than just talking about it. Also, what if I actually started doing more stuff?

I’ve added cross-posting from my baty.net feed directly to Twitter via micro.blog. If it works, you’ll see this.

Toying with the idea of integrating “micro” posts into my main blog.