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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

I love Leica M cameras so much, but my eyes are becoming more disagreeable to it by the month.

COVID is breathing down my neck but so far I’ve avoided it.

I no longer need to see black and white street photos with super-deep blacks and someone standing in or walking through a shaft of sunlight. I enjoyed the first 10,000 of them, though.

Got access to the new Arc browser today. It’s different and will take a little time to get used to. It’s always fun to test a new take on web browsers.

Monday, August 08, 2022

I was looking for something that I would have written while using org-roam so I re-enabled org-roam in my config and went looking. I was sidetracked immediately because the org-roam results buffer was showing links in their raw form and it was distracting. After an hour of digging, testing other versions, etc, I found this comment which pointed to a fix (e.g. (setq org-fold-core-style “overlays”), added in org 9.6). Happy to have that fixed, but the adventure reinforced that I’m probably better off staying in Denote for my notes.

I described the new Elvis biopic as “Everything Elvis All at Once”. It was too much of everything and not enough content. Someone said it was more like a 2-hour movie trailer and I think that nails it.

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Every page in my notebook offers such potential.

I find that many of my favourite lyrics are those that I do not fully understand. They seem to exist in a world of their own – in a place of potentiality, adjacent to meaning. The words feel authentic or true, but remain mysterious, as if a greater truth lies just beyond our understanding. I see this, not just within a song, but within life itself, where awe and wonder live in the tension between what we understand and what we do not understand.

Nick Cave - The Red Hand Files - Issue #202

I feel this way about photographs.

Years ago I paid $500 for a “lifetime” subscription to Roon and I couldn’t be happier. Around that time I also paid $500 for the “True Believer” 5-year subscription to Roam and I wish I hadn’t.

I went back to reprocess a Canon RAW file from 2014. I opened the file in Capture One and hit “Auto” and it looked beautiful, rich, and correct. I did the same in Lightroom Classic and it looked boring and pale. I know that I can always get nearly the same output in both apps if I work hard enough, but getting results I like immediately out of C1 is a feature hard to ignore.

I’ve replaced Cusdis comments here with a simple email link. Emails are forever and it removes the performative nature of public comments.

They: “So, tell me about your photographic work.”
Me: “Oh, it’s mostly just test images after getting new camera gear.”

So, I’m basically now using Capture One for digital photos and Lightroom Classic/Photoshop for film. Sigh.

Saturday, August 06, 2022

I have got to find a way to get more sleep. According to Autosleep, I’ve been averaging around five and a half hours. I need seven.

There’s been nothing much happening over at the wiki. I don’t know what to do about that. My daily notes are here on baty.net and the rest of my notes have been in Denote/Org mode. Writing topic notes publicly was perhaps too performative, but it was also motivating for me. I’m sure I took better notes in public. Still mulling this over.

I suppose I should write an actual blog post about moving my email from Mu4e to Notmuch, but I don’t feel like it. I mean, the gist of it would be simply “Hey, I moved my email from Mu4e to Notmuch!” with a few unhelpful paragraphs about why. Can’t I just mention it here and move on?

Yesterday I was all fired up about my new email setup. I was nerding out with Emacs and having a ball. Today, it all feels like too much work.

Friday, August 05, 2022

Feeling the Poloaroid today. Part of me wants to order a shitload of Polaroid film, as expensive and unpredictable as it is, and just shoot.

A great thing about shooting Polaroid film is that once you’ve pressed the button, you’re done with that photo. There’s nothing left to do but grab a pen and write a caption on it, and even that’s optional.

Amazon bought Roomba. I wonder if this means that I’ll be able to buy a Roomba for $69 in exchange for sending Amazon a detailed map of my house.

The thing I miss most about work is when a meeting gets canceled.

Safari is flaking out on me in Ventura public beta 2.

Thursday, August 04, 2022

I’ve spent time the past two days moving my email management in Emacs from Mu4e to Notmuch. I should jot down some of the details but I don’t have the energy for that yet.

I’m trying to decide what to include in the main RSS feed here.

Have you any idea how many hours I’ve spent in pursuit of saving myself a handful of keystrokes?

Does it feel like we’re in the final days of peak TV? It’s sad.

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

I’ve spent the morning learning how to use notmuch in Emacs. It’s quite different from Mu4e, but uses many of the same parts (mbsync, xapian, smtpmail, etc.). Notmuch relies almost entirely on tagging and doesn’t touch my emails. This is nice because I don’t fear sync issue, but is troublesome because the tags aren’t reflected on the server. Still putzing with it.

Comments are back. I’m still using Cusdis - Lightweight, privacy-first, open-source comment system.

TiddlyWiki 5.2.3 has been released. I know I’ve been neglecting my wiki but I upgraded anyway.

Monday, August 01, 2022

Well, I sold the Leica M10-R. Now what?

I renewed my omg.lol profile: omg.lol/jbaty. I don’t know what it’s for, but I’ll get it updated anyway. It’s five bucks a year, so not a difficult decision.

I’ve added this blog’s RSS feed to Micro.blog so blog posts here will cross-post to Micro.blog. I’m not sure whether I’ll include the posts on the main page here. They’re included for now as “status” posts. Maybe I’ll create a separate page and feed just for those. Also, I don’t yet know what “those” means.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Paul Ford, genius or madman?:

A big problem I had was where to put my stuff. I tried different databases, folder structures, private websites, cloud drives, and desktop search tools. The key, finally, was to turn nearly everything in my life into emails. All my calendar entries, essay drafts, tweets—I wrote programs that turned them into gigs and gigs of emails. Emails are horrible, messy, swollen, decrepit forms of data, but they are understood by everything everywhere. You can lard them with attachments. You can tag them. You can add any amount of metadata to them and synchronize them with servers. They suck, but they work. No higher praise.

I Finally Reached Computing Nirvana. What Was It All For?, Paul Ford

…also, I feel seen…

You’d think there’d be at least five new me’s by now, given how often I’ve vowed to become better. But no. I’ve been writing about configuring my text editor since 1996


Sonofa: Meet the bright web – beam

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