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Saturday, April 23, 2022

New post: I need a new film scanner

I thought the M10-R would cause me to shoot less film, because it's, you know, a Leica M but digital. Turns out that the Q2 Monochrom is the camera that has been distracting me from film. I like everything about it.

I wish I would shoot more video, but I don't enjoy shooting video.

Today's tool.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Jesse Grosjean has a new outliner. Of course I'm going to give it a go. Bike, from Hog Bay Software . However, Jesse's track record for sticking with his apps over the long term is spotty at best, so I don't imagine this will be more than a curiosity for me. I wish him luck with the app, though.

New ︎Psychedelic Porn Crumpets record today! Getting my dose of fuzzy/garage/prog/psych/pop.

Lately I've found it hard to write actual blog posts. I don't mind tossing a sentence or two in these daily posts but to actually sit down and put together a coherent set of thoughts has been...elusive.

Here's a photo of Alice from the latest roll (Tri-X):

Alice, 2022. Leica MP, 35mm Summilux, Tri-X

To suggest that the worst part of vacationing in a van is sleeping in a van is not fair to the other aspects of the endeavor, which are also all the worst part

I Lived the #VanLife. It Wasn’t Pretty. - The New York Times

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Let's see if I have anything at all to say today. Doesn't feel like it.

Finished a book...

Analogia: The Emergence of Technology Beyond Programmable ControlAnalogia: The Emergence of Technology Beyond Programmable Control by George Dyson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's as if Neal Stephenson wrote a book about AI without knowing what AI stands for.

I find Sourcehut difficult to parse. I threw a couple of repos up there and it can feel as if they are deliberately obfuscating my project.

A search engine... isn’t just a collective model of how we think; increasingly, it is how we think.

George Dyson, Analogia

cusdis.com is down so comments here aren't working. I hate dependencies. (Not that I get any comments, but still.) (UPDATE: Back up at 7:45 am)

My dad built a 10-foot picnic table:

Dad and the new table he built

I'm just not thrilled with the Leica M10-R and I can't figure out why. Maybe because the MP is perfect and the M10-R wants to be an MP?

Preordered: The Future Is Analog: How to Create a More Human World a book by David Sax

Considering linking to Jack Baty on Glass as my "Photos" link on social media.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Seems that Github has added a mini Airtable feature called Projects (beta) . I don't need that, but I can imagine uses for it.

Openverse: Why This Project Is Good for WordPress and the Web – WP Tavern . Is it, though? I'm not sure what we need is to make it even easier to add giant, unnecessary, irrelevant images to more blog posts.

I'm once again wondering what real value I get from Micro.blog . I keep renewing my subscription but honestly I could just use Twitter/Mastodon/Tumblr and be fine.

Stop doing Prompt Tweets.

Guido don't mince words:


I was an hour and a half into "The Batman" when I realized it was only half over. Decided I didn't need another 90 minutes of dark, wet, and broody so I shut it off.

Monday, April 18, 2022

The Doom Emacs Discourse is finally "real". Here is the announcement post . I hope more projects realize that Discord is not the right tool for anything more than "hanging out".

Finished migrating from DEVONthink into EagleFiler for my "Filing Cabinet" and "Library" collections.

Just discovered delta: A syntax-highlighting pager for git, diff, and grep output . Nice.

Hmmm. Publish Logseq notes as Hugo documents .

Ben Thompson makes a good argument for something that should never ever happen:

A truly open TwitterServiceCo has the potential to be a new protocol for the Internet — the notifications and identity protocol

Back to the Future of Twitter – Stratechery by Ben Thompson


.. unlike every other protocol, though, this one would be owned by a private company. That would be insanely valuable

Ben Thompson

Please let's not.

OpenBB Terminal is cool. (via Alex )

Thought I could live without PopClip for Mac but nope. Installed.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

I don't see how anyone who has acquired more than a passing familiarity with Org mode would ever choose to write anything in Markdown. It's not fair that the only real tooling for Org is Emacs.

There's a subtle difference between what I want to say and what I want to share. The things I want to say but not force on people go here in these daily posts. Shared things go on social media and as posts below.

Toyed with the idea of moving some repos to sourcehut - the hackers forge . The idea is cool, and I love the old-school approach but man what a painful workflow after using Github for years. Not sure I can live like that.

Tell me you left social media without telling me you left social media.

Slow Social seems like an interesting approach. How many people have the mindset for it, though?

I'm inclined to over-think my note taking process, but this is next level .

As soon as I load up an article about social networks or productivity or what have you, I search for things like "walled garden" and "dopamine" and if I find any occurrences, I don't feel like I need to bother reading the article because it's almost certainly the same as all the others.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

There are two small man-made ponds in my neighborhood. This morning on my walk, the full moon was reflecting beautifully off one of them and it was nice.

I've been a put.io user for 10 years, they tell me. They also, as a thank you, sent me a free year of the 1TB plan. That was nice of them.

I spent six hours this morning working on a custom Emacs config. From scratch. I copied and pasted some of my stuff from my Doom config, but mostly I opted for the defaults. It was horrible. Nothing works nearly as nicely as the Doom default setup. I mean, not even close. I'm going to continue picking at it, but I think I'm done trying to make it a daily driver.

I love it when nerds question an app's "Business Model" as if they have a clue.

Running the Orion Browser by Kagi to see how it feels.

Twitter is unusable without Tweaks for Twitter

Friday, April 15, 2022

I started building an emacs config from scratch this morning. I said I was never going to do that again, but here we are.

I should never have sold any of my film cameras. Especially the Hasselblad 503CXi and the Leica M4. I want them both back but they'd cost too much.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

I never watched "The Sopranos" in its heyday. I started the first season this week. I can see the appeal, but I don't know if I care enough (after 7 episodes) to spend the time on six seasons of a TV show.

Wanting an app to be basically a wrapper over a set of Markdown files in a folder is fine, but as a requirement it's a silly place to draw a line.

If I could just agree with myself to use Emacs for most writing and note-taking, life would be a lot simpler. Even though at times I tire of living in all-text, all-the-time, the alternative of moving stuff around and having to decide where to put things all the time is a terrible way to live.

I hate how being addicted to the computer makes me feel.

My god we just keep talking about the same things over and over. Do I need a new community or is this just the world now?

I'm happy to have a place to vent that doesn't involve bothering everyone on social media platforms all day.

Ordered 900 dog poop bags. There.

If Kids In The Hall comes back I'll be so happy.

I just looked up my EagleFiler serial number in DEVONthink because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.