Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

Trying a hybrid (digital/analog) workspace

2022-05-24 Workflow
Long story short, I have successfully rationalized the purchase of a new iPad Pro and keyboard. After a week or more of non-stop tinkering with nearly every bit of software on my Mac, I had a fit and decided to switch things up. I now have an iPad Pro (11-inch) with Smart Keyboard. The idea is that the software I use on iOS is less prone to tweaking. Plus, I’m not always futzing with shell aliases and other CLI tools just for fun. Continue reading

Reset to Defaults

2022-05-20 Workflow
A week ago I did that thing where I blow up my system because I noticed I’d been doing that other thing where I spend all my time tweaking everything. I’m calling it an experiment, and I’m naming it “Reset to Defaults”. The idea is to revert to stock macOS apps where feasible, or simple and established apps otherwise, and avoid tools that lend themselves to constant tweaking. This hurts because tweaking is what I spend much of my time doing. Continue reading