Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

A Broader Scope

2021-11-28 Meta Jack
Copingmechanism.com has alternated between being a general purpose blog and being a photography-only blog. It’s been mostly photography for months now, but I’m thinking of expanding the scope to include, well, everything I want to write about. If I were a real photographer, it might make sense to have a blog dedicated to “My Work” but I’m just a putterer. I’m guessing that very few people who visit this blog do so because it’s only about my photographs, and so they shouldn’t mind if I write about other things here as well. Continue reading

Another attempt and having One True Blog

2021-03-30 Meta Jack
I am once again having thoughts about only maintaining One True Blog™. I know, it’s just another mood and it’ll probably change, but as I wrote a few days ago, I don’t feel like blogging lately. I’m wondering if this is partially because I’m exhausted by the decisions around publishing. Just last week I moved my other blog at baty.blog from Blot to Micro.blog and back again. This meant switching from using Emacs to edit posts to MarsEdit (and back). Continue reading
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