Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

Adding when I should be removing

<p>Reducing complexity is never accomplished by adding complexity.</p>

I love software. I love learning what software can do. I love setting up workflows using all the fun software I've learned about. The problem is that this leads to chaos and complexity. Every time.

You're probably wondering what made me think of this. Well, yesterday I was exhausted from fighting with Obsidian and Emacs, so I installed Bear. You see what I mean? I spent an hour this morning importing stuff from Obsidian and cleaning up tags, etc. Bear is so nice and simple and absolutely does not lend itself to tweaking.

Problem solved! Not really.

What about daily notes? What about templates? What about complex exports? Why is folding so cumbersome? Where are the backlinks displayed again?

Sigh. I really appreciate Bear, but can I live in it? Probably not. I love simplicity, but can't abide constraints. I'm screwed, I guess.