Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

Feelings about baty.net

<p>I want to use baty.net for something other than just my blog.</p>

I'm having those feelings again where I don't want baty.net to be my blog. I want it to be my "website"... a combination landing page and hub. I want it to be completely static. So basically I want to have a permanent place where I can dump anything and not worry about how it fits into whatever CMS I'm using this week. I'm kind of doing this with jackbaty.com already, but I prefer the short baty.net domain.

Except I don't know what to do about all the broken links. I've already broken too many links lately. In the past I've used some server magic to guess the URL in a custom 404 document, but I'd like less magic if possible.

I'd also considered getting rid of all of my custom domains and putting everything as subdomains of baty.net. That would mean baty.blog becomes blog.baty.net and jackbaty.com becomes jack.baty.net.

Or maybe it would be better to put more things as subdirectories of baty.net. So instead of books.baty.net I'd just do baty.net/books. That way I don't need to worry about creating so many web server configs. This is tempting.

I suppose I should just keep things as they are: baty.net as a blog and jackbaty.com as a hub and go about my day. Still noodlin' on it.