Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

So many apps

Dave Rogers wrote this morning about having (hoarding?) too many apps:

I have a lot of apps because I read about them, and I wanted to "see what it does." And then it would just sit there, taking up space. They're like cameras and calculators that way.

Hooboy, do I know that feeling. Every Sunday I run MacUpdater. It updated 12 apps this morning. That's 12 updates in the last week. There's a little summary at the bottom. Today, mine reads:

Info: found 144 apps in total, 43 are ignored and 0 are hidden away. Displaying 101 apps, 100 are up-to-date and 1 have updates available.

Cool. Cool.

Yesterday, the SetApp folks acknowledged my addiction by sending me this:

Yep, I am an App Master!

There are days when I convince myself I could live in a web browser, Emacs, a terminal, and a file manager. And I could probably do that, but there's too much good software out there and I love playing with all of it. The hoarding shall continue.