Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

Ending my OpenBSD experiment (Almost)

<p>I tried OpenBSD. It's nice. I don't need it right now.</p>

I did this fun thing from Derek Sivers because I wanted to play with OpenBSD and with Vultr for hosting.

Well, I played with it. It was fun. I got to see how Dovecot works and I learned how to configure Relayd and the OpenBSD httpd server.

I think I'd end up liking it. BSD feels lighter and simpler and therefore probably more secure than the Ubuntu servers I'm running.

However, I don't need another server to manage. I don't need to run my own mail server or CalDAV server. My VPS at Digital Ocean has been running (::knocks wood::) smoothly for years and I've got the configuration down.

I'll be deleting the OpenBSD server once I've moved the few sites I'd migrated there back to Digital Ocean.

Remember, Reduce and Simplify.

I may try again later with stock OpenBSD and Caddy, without all of the Sivers' stuff.

2 hours later: I was right. I spun up a fresh OpenBSD server at Vultr and configured it myself. No services running but relayd->httpd and so far the only site it's running is jackbaty.com. I like the idea of BSD so much that I couldn't give up quite yet.