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Using old digicams

I posted a thought this morning about the current trend of using very old digicams.

I can't decide if the recent trend of using old digicams is fun and nostalgic or just stupid.

Dave Rogers responded with a thoughtful bit about the trend. In his post, he linked to the video that started me thinking about all this. I found the video helped influence me toward "fun and nostalgic" but that it was over-referenced to the point of distraction.

It wasn't actually that video on it's own that fired me up, but rather the string of "you might also like..." videos in the sidebar.

Dave observes:

So it oscillates between the new hotness, and affection for the underdog, the nostalgic, the trash that can equal the "artistic" prowess of expensive gear available to those with a surplus of cash to equal their surplus of attention, burdened as they are with the same deficit of cognition.

Anything that makes people want to shoot more is fine my me. I've been shooting with my 2010 Fuji X100 and having a fun and nostalgic blast with it, so I suppose that answers that, then :).

Or maybe I should drag out this monster from 2002, the original EOS-1Ds:

My Canon EOS-1Ds from 2002

And later, I charged the batter a little, dug out a CF card reader, and shot a selfie. It actually works!