Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

Printing my 2024 calendars using pcal

<p>Generating yearly and monthly calendars using Pcal on the command line</p>

I keep printed calendars for the current year and month pinned above my desk. It's often easier to just glance up to see dates than to open a calendar on the computer/phone.

I used to use timeanddate.com and that works great, but I'm now using pcal because it's...nerdier I guess?

Here's the shell script for the yearly calendar (I just execute it within Emacs). It runs pcal with some options, then converts the postscript to PDF, then opens in it Preview.

Pcal script for yearly calendar

And here's the one for only the month of January.

Pcal script for monthly calendar

I like that I can include a little note in the footer (e.g. "Reduce and Simplify").

The output for the monthly PDF looks like this: