Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services


Update I'll keep this list updated here.

A few folks1 have been posting about their current subscriptions. Here is a list of my subscriptions, in alphabetical order, because I didn’t want to try categorizing them.

  • 1Password: $5 – Apple’s password manager needs to improve a lot before I’ll consider replacing this
  • Adobe: $10 – I’m trying the Lightroom 1TB plan. Seeing if I can live with just Lightroom Desktop.
  • Amazon AWS: $2 – I don’t even know where this charge is coming from
  • Amazon Prime: $9 – Indispensable
  • Apple One: $37 – I really only want Music, TV+, and 2TB of iCloud storage but they make it impossible to cherry-pick
  • Capture One: $15 – Raw photo editing. I keep trying to replace this with Adobe but can’t
  • Day One: $2 – On-and-off journaling app for over a decade. I’m currently On again.
  • DigitalOcean: $15 – My VPS
  • Fastmail: $5 – Great email service
  • Flickr: $6 – It’s sad to see the world slowly stop using Flickr. I’ve got thousands of photos over nearly 20 years stored there. No way I can quit now.
  • Glass: $3 – Modern social photo sharing. Glass is really nice and it’s all about the photos (as opposed to, say, Instagram)
  • Hulu: $12 – I’m surprised by how much stuff I watch on Hulu
  • Max (HBO): $18 – This can probably go
  • Neatnik (omg.lol): $2 – My Mastodon account. Also a ton of other nice services.
  • Netflix: $17 – This may go soon, too.
  • NYTimes: $25 – Paper of record, whether we like it or not.
  • Photomator: $3 – The only way I can deal with editing iPhone photos
  • Photoscan: $4 – If I ever get around to scanning my grandfathers 24 photo albums, I’ll need this
  • Put.io: $10 – Such a handy service for managing torrents
  • Qobuz: $11 – Music. It works seamlessly with Roon so I kind of need it.
  • SetApp: $10 – Like Netflix for apps. I use a dozen of them nearly every day. Easily worth the $10/month.
  • Sourcehut: $2 – Now that I’m using my own Gitea instance again, this can probably go.
  • Spotify: $15 – My kids prefer this to Apple Music. I may put my foot down and make them switch.
  • The Atlantic: $6 – A favorite
  • Tinylitics: $5 – A new, nice, privacy-focused analytics platform.
  • YouTube Premium: $18 – Don’t tell Google, but not seeing ads on YouTube is worth double this to me.

For a total of $256 per month. That seems like a lot, but I have another list of canceled subscriptions totaling around $125 so I'm improving!

  1. Kev Quirk and Manu, for example ↩︎