Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

App Defaults (2023 Edition)

C’mon, everyone’s doin’ it.

Here is my list of default apps (in alphabetical order by task):

  • Backups: Backblaze, Arq
  • Blogging: What day is it? I mean Kirby.
  • Calendar: BusyCal, Apple Calendar
  • Chat: Apple Messages, Signal
  • Clipboard Manager: Raycast
  • Code Editor: Emacs
  • File Manager: Forklift, Dired (Emacs)
  • Journaling: Org-journal (Emacs), Day One
  • Launcher: Raycast
  • Mail Client: Apple Mail, notmuch
  • Mail Server: Fastmail
  • Music: Roon, Qobuz, Apple Music
  • Notes: Org-mode (Emacs), TiddlyWiki, Tinderbox
  • Password Management: 1Password
  • Photo Editor: Capture One
  • Photo Management: Capture One, Apple Photos
  • Podcasts: I don’t listen to podcasts
  • RSS: NetNewsWire
  • Read It Later: Omnivore
  • Screenshots: Cleanshot X
  • Search Engine: Kagi
  • Shopping List: Apple Reminders shared with wife
  • Social Networking: Mastodon (web UI)
  • Terminal: iTerm, Kitty
  • Text Editor: Emacs, BBEdit
  • Task Manager: Things, Org-mode (Emacs)
  • Weather: Hello Weather
  • Web Browser: Arc
  • Word Processing: Emacs Org-mode -> LaTeX