Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Low 35.6, High 45.3 - Mist

Went out to dinner last night for one of my favorite burgers in town. My wife was unsure about her haircut so I took this photo to show her that it looks great. I like the photo, but it doesn't really emphasize her haircut 😅

Gail at dinner sporting a new haircut

Now that I've mostly stopped making changes to this site, I'm wishing I hadn't gone all-in on local-only editing of content. I kind of want to just write and hit save. I mean, isn't that one of the benefits of using Kirby?

Some gatekeeping is appropriate and those complaining about it are often wildly unqualified and should under no circumstances be allowed in.

I need TiVo for streaming. I'm tired of price increases but I'm allergic to ads.