Jack Baty

Director of Unspecified Services

Monday, October 30, 2023

Low 33.6, High 41.4 - Overcast

I'm so tired of thinking about organizing things. I enjoy a good organization scheme, but my tendency toward continually re-organize things is unhealthy.

The thing I dislike about Obsidian is that there are things like the Obsidian Omnivore Plugin which make things so easy. It's difficult to ignore the idea of "just use Obsidian and be done with it, Jeez!"

I'm feeling twitchy about Kirby again. I can't put my finger on it. It's a combination of it not being a static site and also that I had to sort of roll my own, which means I'm alone over here when things break. Just a little twitchy about it, is all.

Well, Omnivore is completely hosed for me. Great.