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Monday, June 27, 2022

·2 mins

I love software. I just wish I didn’t love so much of it. Today so far I love TiddlyWiki, Denote, and TheBrain. You see the overlap there, right? For example, I recorded that Denote 0.1.0 was released in Denote, TheBrain, and Org-roam. I’m nuts.

What does doing all this even get me? I’m not sure I have the energy for it. And I certainly don’t need to be making it harder.

“He tells it like it is” = “I agree with everything he says”

So far, Robert Greene’s The Daily Laws reads more like a manual on How To Be an Asshole.

It is FULFILLING to spend a night vaguely irritated watching movie trailers on streaming services, unable to settle on anything, otherwise we wouldn’t invest so much of our time in it, and if only we could admit that to ourselves then we could factor out the guilt, experiencing it instead in a pure fashion. It is the same feeling as the rich have, being perpetually bored and cool, and the French. This is the closest you or I will get.

In which Beat Saber does odd things to my head (Interconnected)

Abortion restrictions are against my religion.

I really want this to happen: Pipedream Labs - Underground Logistics.

Emacs: denote version 0.1.0 | Protesilaos Stavrou. It’s now stable and packaged. I’m digging it for “topic journals” so far.