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Saturday, June 25, 2022

·2 mins

I don’t feel like being here today. The world depresses me. The people in it depress me. I’m a middle aged white CIS male, which means I have little to worry about, personally, from our new reality. I’m privileged. I can’t even imagine what the world must feel like for anyone not like me. My heart breaks as I watch everything become darker for so many people.

I donate. I vote. I advocate with real people (meaning not on social media). At some point I’ll protest and it’s looking more and more likely that, eventually, I’ll fight.

In the meantime, writing random notes here about nothing important is therapy for me. You may think that I should shut up about trivial things in the aftermath of every horrific event in the world, but I disagree. Again, therapy. This for me not for you.

Denote is really coming along nicely.

I’m once again obsessed with TheBrain and have moved most of my note-taking there. It really does offer a great balance between note-taking and linking and search and scale. The friction of where to put/link things is just high enough that I don’t fall into the collect-everything trap. Makes it more useful over time.

I hate that using a Leica MP makes me feel smugly superior to your run-of-the-mill hipster with an M6. Especially since most of them are probably making better photos than I am.