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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

·2 mins
Aug 1954 - Richard Baty

I’m sorry you won’t be getting Stage Manager on your non-M1 device. To me, the expectations and outrage around this is a testament to how well Apple has managed the overall transition to Apple Silicon.

I like learning about things, but I tend to stop there.

I can’t tell if everything is important to me or if nothing is.

The things I want to do are strange, simple, and unprofitable.

Paul Ford

Hey Jack, don’t you dare spend another entire day clicking links and hoping something captures your attention for more than ten seconds.

Yesterday I was 100% back in Emacs/Finder/Browser mode for everything. This morning I reread my post, Reset to Defaults (from only a month ago) and now I’m re-thinking everything. Again. Sigh.

Still some of the best journaling advice I’ve seen: Hyrule Bitchstoria

I’ve noticed that I say “God fucking dammit!” out loud several times every day. That doesn’t seem like a sign of someone who is emotionally healthy.

How to read and share Notes | Twitter. No thanks. I don’t want any more things that aren’t blogs.

I love that Feedbin shows posts that have been updated and indicates the changes. That right there could make it worth a subscription.

[People] are far too present and familiar, their every move displayed on social media. That might make you relatable, but it also makes you seem just like everyone else.

Robert Greene

… I feel seen.