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Thursday, June 16, 2022

·1 min

I wish I were less inclined to let The Internet influence my decisions. It’s not just a small influence. My entire personality can change based on the most recent blog post I’ve read. I change up my entire workflow because someone wrote something about doing things a different way that I’ve yet to try. It’s crazy-making.

The battle for my private daily notes rages on. It is currently between Emacs/Org-mode and TheBrain.

I wish Apple Messages would automatically delete 2FA messages after an expiry period.

Testing LensTagger – Exiftool Lightroom Plugin. It works pretty well, and saves me a trip to my manual exiftool scripts.

The better you get at Photoshop, the more your work looks like you’re good at Photoshop.

Ralph Gibson, Leica M10-R Thoughts (Featuring Ralph Gibson) - YouTube

Why is it that everyone seems to want to argue over everything all the time, with everyone?

What hobby project do I need that could benifit from Redbean. I need to try this somewhere redbean 2.0 release notes.

It’s quite fun watching the evolution of Denote in real time. Every time I do another git pull there’s new and better things happening.