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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

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When I stop to think about it, the thought is a little scary. As someone who enjoys exploring productivity and meta-research tooling, I do pause to think that I’m “stuck” using org-mode and Emacs from time to time. But I don’t really see any other way:

Org Mode - Weakty


I have a decision to make regarding Org-roam vs Denote. Both, of course, work well as note-taking tools. The decision is between all-the-features-I-could-ever-need and a simple folder full of text files, with no dependencies. I’m very much enamored by the second option, therefore Denote is the hot option right now. But, I’d miss the fancy back-linking and tooling of Org-roam. Still noodlin'

Firn - a website/wiki generator for Org-mode files, (re)written in Rust. (indirectly via Alex)

How does one decide between Capture One and Lightroom Classic? I certainly can’t.

Neat: KODAK EKTAR H35 Half Frame Film Camera. Now, someone make a new, premium point-and-shoot, please.

I’m kind of all into SQLite lately. This looks interesting: Dogsheep |

My rekindled love affair with TheBrain continues apace.

Kraken Announces Global Hiring Push and Commitment to Crypto-First Culture - Kraken Blog OMG what assholes. Scratch Kraken off the “Places I’d like to work” list. Makes the 37Signals “fiasco” seem like trivial a non-event.