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Saturday, June 11, 2022

·1 min

There’s a new version of TheBrain available: TheBrain 13 Alpha. Of course I’m trying it! Big item this time is the notes editor and markdown improvements. Still no Vim bindings 😆.

Enough with the Dall-E silliness, already. My feeds are pretty much overwhelmed with nonsense Dall-E images and Wordle results.

I have no knowledge of any specifics, no insider information of any sort (I’m an outsider for sure where Leica is concerned): but I think the “gestalt,” as they say, of the Leica M10 was guided by a single person, a single vision. And from the evidence, it seems like that person must be a photographer. Regardless of who engineered it. That’s just what it feels like.

The Online Photographer: The Leica M10 Reporter: Beautiful Simplicity

Emacs users gloating about Github sunsetting the Atom editor probably don’t remember how easy it is to switch editors when you haven’t already invested half your life learning, then customizing the shit out of the hard one. 😜