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Tuesday, June 07, 2022

·2 mins

🌦 Light rain, mist +63°F

I bought a reef tank this week. I’ve always admired salt-water aquariums and wondered what it would be like to keep one. I’m about to find out. I’m already learning that I have a shit-ton to learn. One of those things is patience.

Publicly posting every passing thought is unnecessary and uncalled for, but I can’t seem to stop. At least I’m not spamming everyone’s Twitter feed with them.

Late last year I created a folder on my Mac’s desktop named “Beyond the Infinite”. It’s for dumping all the various detritus I collect on the desktop and don’t know what else to do with. It’s become a minor treasure. It’s like a journal of things that barely matter at the time, but become valuable later. Screenshots, text snippets, URLs, etc. I love it.

Prot is on a roll…

Denote is a simple note-taking tool. It is based on the idea that notes should follow a predictable and descriptive file-naming scheme. The file name must offer a clear indication of what the note is about, without reference to any other metadata. Denote basically streamlines the creation of such files.

Emacs: introduction to Denote (simple note-taking) | Protesilaos Stavrou

6:00am: “Plain text is The Way!”
7:30am: “Plain text is unnecessarily limiting and living there is wasted opportunity!”
5:00pm: “It happened again today, didn’t it?”