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Sunday, June 05, 2022

·1 min

🌦 Light rain +57°F

I love “Ted Lasso” and I love Roy Kent. I also feel the same way about watching horrible things happening to people in my “entertainment”. I approve of the trend of “Nice TV” that Brett is contributing to.

“I do think there is so much stuff put out into the world on the internet and in art that tells you the world is bad. And the world might be bad — but the majority of people are not. Also, the older I get, the less horrible shit I want to see. I hate seeing people get hurt”

Brett Goldstein (aka Roy Kent), The Sunday Times

Asking about the “business model” is one way to signal that you don’t know much about business.

What if I just closed all my browser tabs? What if I quit the browser altogether? Hell, what if I stepped away from the computer for more than 10 minutes?

And what if I stopped doing this in public all the time? Would it not be more productive and healthy to simply journal privately? Maybe I should just be quiet for a while.