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Friday, May 6, 2022

·1 min

I don’t have a job, so Fridays should mean nothing to me, and yet, I’m happy it’s Friday.

Upgraded the Q2 Monochrom to firmware 2.0, which adds Highlight Weighted Metering. This is great becase the Q2M pretty easily blows highlights and they’re unrecoverable. I’d much rather have crunched blacks than blown highlights.

I hate the feeling of needing to be seen.

I’m confident that we’ll solve climate change. I’m less confident that we’ll solve politics. Which means the future remains bleak.

Bringing a film camera “out and about” is less and less enjoyable for me. I’m learning to prefer digital for the snapshots and save film for specific events. This would all be easier if the MP didn’t feel so damn good to simply hold.

I need to get over this…

A large part of what makes me prefer film photos is just knowing they’re film photos. That means something to me, and influences how I respond to an image.

Jack Baty, Comparing film and digital