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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

·1 min

Still waffling on Hugo vs Ghost. I spent so much time over the weekend setting up Ghost and migrating content. I like how it looks and I like the editor. I like just dragging images to make galleries or featured images. I like that switching templates is much easier. I like that I get a built-in newsletter engine for free. I like that I can just edit a post in place right in the browser rather than Emacs->Org->Hugo->sync. But, it’s not plain text. I can’t write in Org-mode/Emacs. I don’t understand Ghost templates. Hosting requirements are higher. On top of all that, I feel like a “static website” person, not a “use a CMS” person. I know that’s silly, but I can’t ignore it.

UPDATE: We’re back on Hugo for I had fun tinkering with Ghost but it just doesn’t feel right. (This is me using what I have)