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Friday, April 29, 2022

·1 min

I’m hungry.

Contemplating the pros and cons of using ox-hugo for posting here. ox-hugo is awesome, but it’s yet another layer of abstraction between what I’m typing and what ends up here. I mean, I get to use Org mode for writing, which is great, but Markdown is pretty good for just writing, too. Creating the necessary files/folders for new posts is a no-brainer in ox-hugo, once things are configured. But, how long would it take me to wire up the equivalent with a bit o’ lisp and a snippet or two? With ox-hugo, everything is in one big Org file. I love the idea of this, but I don’t know how useful it is. Then again, it works!. Still noodlin’. Trying to remember to Use What You Have.

I’ve been using the stacking feature on my macOS desktop for a couple of weeks and, surprisingly, I don’t hate it. I thought I’d hate it, but it’s kind of nice having things organized for me. It’s not the way I’d normally organize things, but once I just let it do its thing, I stopped worrying about it.'

Moved my theme’s git repo to Sourcehut, too. It’s part of the project. I have to admit, Sourcehut is growing on me.