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Monday, April 25, 2022

·1 min

I should really get my shit together.

I’m thinking of changing my complex-as-hell “productivity” system with something simpler, like, “Write it down so you don’t forget it. Then do it as soon as you can.”

I don’t need more software. I need more ideas and the energy to act on them.

I’m already sick of hearing about people rage-quitting Twitter because Musk is buying it and something bad might happen because of that. Twitter wasn’t great yesterday, so let’s see if any of the terrible things actually happen first, then quit.

Ben Thompson can stop suggesting that companies should build out an advertising model any time. He’s smart, and probably right, but it’s not right right, know what I mean?

I’ve made posting to this site as easy and fluid as I’m capable of but some days it’s still too much friction.