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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

·1 min

Seems that Github has added a mini Airtable feature called Projects (beta). I don’t need that, but I can imagine uses for it.

Openverse: Why This Project Is Good for WordPress and the Web – WP Tavern. Is it, though? I’m not sure what we need is to make it even easier to add giant, unnecessary, irrelevant images to more blog posts.

I’m once again wondering what real value I get from I keep renewing my subscription but honestly I could just use Twitter/Mastodon/Tumblr and be fine.

Stop doing Prompt Tweets.

Guido don’t mince words:

I was an hour and a half into “The Batman” when I realized it was only half over. Decided I didn’t need another 90 minutes of dark, wet, and broody so I shut it off.